12 September 2013

Saving Tips Fast Search On Local Documents

Searching for documents could be slower and more hard to locate on local disks. Perhaps, one of the reasons is we forgot the filename or the title of that document. If you are not that patient, I am pretty sure you gonna have a bad day.

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I  know it is a kind frustrating when you can't or had a difficulty to locate a certain file(often times, we actually found it when at least not needed, whereas if really needed, it is the time it hides itself. How ironic) This frustration which I did notice, shows when it is in need immediate or ASAP request by our boss or other staff. Well, sometimes, it is very slow to search local files..and at the end, no results found. (sigh)

So how do you minimize this problem? What are your solutions to this dilemma?

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We are in the world full-equipped with new gadgets, programs, and newest technology innovations. The most important part of this word is the DATA. In corporation, these information are one TOP priority. So with this, we can't argue that documents are increasingly with massive figure.

In that event, when searching for a certain file, this is very hard and slow unless otherwise use some techniques and better searching algorithm.


Inspired with the search engine like Google. I learned quite useful thing with them.I worked in the office dealing with documents(files, images, scan documents). And I pretty much experienced the burden with I wanted to look for a certain file in my local disk.

With the search engine algorithm and flow, I thought I need to be like a Google. Search faster and more efficient. But how?


In this post, you will learn few things about saving and searching with your files in your local computer. To add, this is actually based on my experiences and of course, my frustrations when searching documents. With that problem, I managed to analyze and make a solution for a time-being at that situation, I could easily locate and efficiently be productive.

Working files is not that easy though. You need to be organized. The word is ORGANIZE. One of the few tips in order to become a productive is being ORGANIZED-TYPE of Person.

Here, with my experienced too. I could suggest these few tips.

Though, theoretically and logically correct to enable and boost searching time. For some cases, this is not advisable too.

The system itself may fail you. In addition, if you are not dealing with large data computation. Then ideally, it is not recommended.

Perhaps, I should balance the pros and cons with it.

Few tips

In saving documents or images
  • If possible add long-tail useful keyword fields
Example: title-name-date-type

* depending on your data you could add other fields.

Another: September-report-mabzicle-09-18-2013.doc

In Windows 7, searching a local files is merely optimized compared to XP. But even though, it is relatively fast when searching. The problem arises if you did forget the file.

Now, if one of the fields that you had remembered, this is very helpful. You can search about the Date, Type, Name, etc.

Of course, it will displays all matching keywords you have used.

Searching Indexed

One of the few useful ways to search faster is with the used of Index Options in Windows. To improve the search, Windows uses INDEX to locate easier and faster on the most common files in the computer.

indexing options
indexing options
Despite of the benefits it gives, there's a certain payment for it – the performance of your computer. Index Options are recommended with those high-end computers and a certain location to be indexed.

If you feel to include all FILES to be indexed. You should not do it because it will slow down your computer.

For best result, add only on those folders that frequently you have searched.

How to open Indexing Options
Change how to index search

1. Click on the Start icon
2. Click Control panel
3. type Index Options
4. Here, you can click on the Modify button to set forth your index option

You should check only to those frequently searched folder locations.
Modify Indexed Options
Modify Indexed Options
5. You can choose Advanced option too(depending on your needs)

Advanced Options
I will update more here :)


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