23 September 2013

Top 10 Reasons Why IamEarningCash Is Not Real or Scam

Have you ever seen IamEarningCash which offers great sign up bonus of $25? If you does, you need to read further with this post. 

Actually, if you have encountered YouthMonthlyPay recently, I would rather say, IamEarningCash and YouthMonthlyPay have similarities. The main thing that differ with these two websites is the their logo.

You could read about YouthMonthlyPay here: YouthMonthlyPay: Is it Real or Scam?

IamEarning Cash

Basically, IamEarningCash is quite fake one. It says, Earning Made Easy. Honestly, I have seen people fond with the same job in different domain name. But they all have the same flow and system which make it more be seen as SCAM.

When someone(particularly a reader of my site) asks me to review this IamEarningCash, I immediately bookmarked it and make a review.

Good thing, I have keen inspiration to do it though.

What is IamEarningCash?
Maybe it should be named as I-have-been-scammed, IamVictim, or any sort of metaphors. At this point in time, I shall give this site the benefit of doubt(now turns out to be final and conclusive)

IamEarningCash claims to innovative in the market (well, as I said awhile ago, it has similarities with YouthMonthlyPay – is it innovative? or simply a copied one)On the larger scale, it is also claimed to be working from years.

Skeptical I was, I whois its domain and found out that it was created May 19, 2013 and updated last August 29, 2013. So where's the working blah-blah years?

To continue, it says that it is simpler and quicker job. Well, of course, you just flood in social group and you can earn VIRTUAL money(in which in the long run, you wont able to get it).

Top 10 Reasons Why IamEarningCash 
For quick and simple

1. Registration is so simple. Even starter with web developers could instantly create that.
2. No security features installed.(this is dangerous)
3. It has similarities with other scam websites
4. Testimonials in the webpage is fake.
5. Statistics shown is also fake.
6. Personalities included in the website is real but they don't even engage with it.
7. Large companies for sponsorship is bogus
8. Payment Options is less secure and less information
9. Email address of the support/contact us does not exists
10. No Forum installed

Overall: 1/10 
Therefore: IamEarningCash is Fake, Scam, and fraud

Factors I have use in reviewing
Though, there are lot of factors that could affect in such review, here, I used the following:
  • Popularity
  • Page Rank
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Owner Identity
  • System Flow
  • Traffic Rank(which could deceiving)
  • Actual Evidence of Payout
  • Security Test
  • Design Test

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