25 September 2013

Paynized.com: Is it Real or Scam? [Again Review]

As of my previous post, TheWorkPaid also has similarities with other website. Speaking of the devil, this website Paynized.com has a very similar with the TheWorkPaid(scam site). The common of these websites is they are all FAKE.

Probably, you might seen this Paynized.com circulating in your Facebook. And now, as a evil protagonist, will stop your excitement to work with Paynized.

To make this review simple and straightforward.

Paynized.com is a fake, fraud, and scam.

Probably, you may ask why? Now, I will be giving highlights why it is a FAKE and SCAM. For a slight review, I will be sharing slight information of Paynized.com

What is Paynized.com

Paynized is a new innovating job site, where you will be hired to do some task, different in type and number. and you will be paid a estimated reward for that instant in your account, after it the job poster will review the service and approve the status for your payout, then you will be paid for your work via western union. Money gram is also coming soon. You have to create a account with us to start and login to your member area, and do daily your jobs and you will be really great after using our service.
This description may be a familiar with you with few websites I reviewed. Honestly, I am tired reading its description and how it works. For the benefit of my readers, I put it with grace.

Paynized.com: How it Works

Kinda simple to earn[joke] with it.

1. Create an account
2. Login in the Member Area
3. Start work by giving referral link(which earns money).
4. Its a joke! :)

Reasons Why Paynized.com is Bogus, Scam, and Fraud

1. No complete registration details
2.  Signup bonus of 25$ is such a joke.
3. Job is only referring own link
4. No security-feature installed.
5. No confirmation link
6. No Terms and Privacy except from hilarious FAQS
7. Unstable website(gateway timeout and suspended by its provider)
8. Contact US- does not exists
9. Payment option(limited and less detailed information)
10. Fake Statistics and Recent payments
11. Domain owner information set to HIDE
12. 2013-2015 copyright? How come

Hopefully, by these reasons I am sharing, you have the idea of this Paynized.com a completely a FAKE.

Final Words
  • Don't engage and join with this website
  • You are the source of their income
  • Your information could be sold to any website
  • Don't waste your time dealing with this kind of job
Thank you :)

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