15 September 2013

My Yet Second Payout With Nuffnang

Its been awhile since my first-ever cashout with Nuffnang Advertising service. Oh wait, almost been a year from then with my first cashout with Nuffnang. To loooong to wait? Never mind. Furthermore, this is quite a tiny-bits of amount of earnings. Still, I am loving it.

How did I actually earn it?

First off, I just put their ads on one of my websites. I know I did not earn such high revenue compared to other bloggers. Yet, it is free though.

This is post merely to thank nuffnang and inspire other beginners or soon-to-to-bloggers.

With no fancy and cheezzy messages, I would to take this post as an opportunity to express my humble thankfulness towards them. Though, it did not make my expectations meet, still, I am gradually proud to be part of the Glitterati with Nuffnang.

For the first timer, Nuffnang is quite one choice. No further requirements needed, you can have it even if you don't have that high traffic, or more posts.

However, having high traffic and quality posts make a higher chance for a great revenue. That is, one bit more challenging to think.

Below image screenshot is the good news I received. They actually email you when the process of payment is successful.

Good news about Payout Nuffnang
I awarded myself with this earning amount I received. Thus, I bought another Class A Top Sperry(Maybe in near future, I would definitely buy the genuine product shoes).

New Shoes :)
Basic FAQS

What is the Minimum Amount to cashout with Nuffnang?
Ans: Amount of P2,000.00 candidate to request payout

Is Nuffnang free Service? 
Ans: Absolutely yes! No hidden fees, no registration fees, no referral links. You could register here: http://www.nuffnang.com.ph

How do we cashout with Nuffnang earnings?
Ans: The official transactions of Nuffnang is based on Bank Account. But here, I requested to do with Western Union (WU) payout, and yes, they approved my request but they will deduct my earnings from transacting WU.


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