15 September 2013

Seriously? Miley Cyrus Committed a Suicide? No She is NOT Dead: Facebook Hoax/Scam

This has come to my attention with this so-called scam circulating in social media specifically Facebook. Again, for quite some time, these spammers/scammers manage to trick the users. Well, I admit this is a weak point about the human being. These spammers use Social Engineer techniques, so it's really hard to prevent such event.

Claim: Hollywood Superstar MILEY CYRUS committed suicide by hanging herself at her residence after traumatic stress. Miley was rushed at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, and she was dead on arrival. Miley recorded a suicide video message for her fans. (watch more..)

Brief answer: Miley Cyrus is NOT dead. And she's starting to 'Wreck' the world! :)
Analysis: This kind of social tactics to lure into thinking it is true. Thus, users clicked and did instruction just to view/watch the video.

Miley Cyrus Facebook Scam Dead
Miley Cyrus Facebook Scam Dead
According to the so-called-annoying-scam-app "Click Allow to Watch the Video, MILEY CYRUS committed suicide in which Netizens alarmed. Not only with the VMA she performed but also with the Facebook.

Well, Miley Cyrus, since of that VMA performance, has been a mainstream and other social sites became trending for what she did a hilarious performance.

Now, with that fame and abuzz with comments with other news bureau and social sites, spammers which the popularity of Miley Cyrus to trick the user.

What spammers gain for this app?
The users who click the app and expect to watch a video seem a failure. This scam could be harmful – grant sufficient access to your profile and post on your behalf.

The information gathered from the spammers could be exposed harm to the users. This is very dangerous, so please take proper analysis and precaution about giving such sensitive information.
From http://www.huffingtonpost.com/
The similar techniques may find here along with celebrities:

How to prevent from circulating the message?
You don't need to click the video. And also tell you, friends, not to click either. In this way, more people will learn, and they will not make a FALSE news went viral.

Best precaution: Don't click on the app.

Miley Cyrus was still alive and kicking! One of the best things to know whether it is  true or not is to confirm with the high news authority like CNN, HuffingtonPost, Mashable, NY times, TIME, etc.

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