04 September 2013

MegaStoon: Is it Fake or Real?

Well, this is quite fresh website which [again] OFFERS great income opportunity online[Does it?]. Weh? Did it really gives a great job opportunity and provides good income to work online? Doubtful. I analyzed the website and found to be a FRENCH-made website. Bonjour! Anyway, what does MegaStoon means in the first place? Is Megastoon a fake/scam/fraud or real/legit? Find out more here!
I searched for the meaning with this MegaStoon, it has two combined words; Mega + Stoon. For Mega it is a unit prefix in the metric system that denotes factor of one million(1,000,000) while Stoon, according to merriam-webster.com, it does not yet exists but I found cute meaning there:  stab of pain from Ireland or throbbing pain in Scotland. Therefore, I should say, a 1 million pain? Oh no!

Wait! What does this name simply implies? No, we shall not pre-conclude....First, we have to analyze and study more about the legality of this site.

About Me
Short Information about me. Well, I experienced with this kind of system/service/site that promises high revenue too. Honestly, I didnt even know what exactly am I doing or where I am headed to with this service. For one time, probably, I was blinded with the LARGE money I will soon-to-get. Here, I spent more time working with the service or site. Actually,  I began to waste my time and sooner I did notice that this is so-wrong. I expected to earn well. But with no avail, I did not even get a single cent. In addition, I already been in ONLINE few years back. So, the purpose that I made a review about the site is simply because I don't want you(readers) to get annoyed and frustrated to some websites. I also share alternatives for it.

Furthermore, I studied on how online marketing works ranging from promising-sites, forex game, blogging, affiliates, buy-and-sell, designing, online job, etc.

But interestingly, I  did choose this blogging career as my sideline because I really believe that it could earn large money but of course with the hard work and persistent added to it.

In addition, I always thought way back that it is really OKAY to join a website because it is FREE in the first place. This might be true but what about your time dealing with these sites? In order for me not to waste time engaging with a certain website. I usually do a research, test reality check, put rational thinking, and create a review to help fellow readers.

Every websites I reviewed was properly analyze in terms of ranking, traffic, authority, domain, influence, and system. For the best part perhaps, using skeptical and rational line of thinking made me conclude and analyze these websites.

Update Megastoon

  • As of September 30, 2013
I have seen more people complaining about the cashout/payout. Before making a payout cash, MegaStoon displays survey that you need to complete. What is all about?

Please Complete this survey to check that you are a humain not ( program, bot, robot )Click Here & take 5 seconds
Actually, surveying is a quite useful way in obtaining relevant data. As for some websites, they give surveys to the members and actually earn from completing it.

Likewise in MegaStoon, did you know that they will be earning if you completed the survey? The sad news is that after completing that survey, you will be hanged in the air. And you don't know where or what to do next.

Thus, as would I would claimed about MegaStoon, it is FAKE. They uses you to feed them and to make them richer.
  • As of September 20, 2013
It seems that Megastoon homepage switches to a newly landing page. In online, it is inbound marketing. In the later future, they will keep emailling you for their product or whatsoever.

Landing Page
Landing Page
About Megastoon: Short Milestone

MegaStoon.Com is a new innovating job site, where you will be hired to do some task, different in type and number. and you will be paid a estimated reward for that instant in your account, after it the job poster will review the service and approve the status for your payout, then you will be paid for your work via the payment methods available. You should create an account and login to your member area, and do your daily jobs and you will be really great after using our service.

Megastoon offers work online and then get income up to $1500 weekly. Quite attracting and convincing right? But before you jump to begin working with it, I have seen similar websites in terms of design, flow, and some words displayed that is really a FRAUD and FAKE.
MegaStoon Logo
Megastoon is a new website(modified 09-01-2013) that gives Signup Bonus of  15$ and Refer to earn 2$. And I though, HUWAW!

let us rhyme:
Everyone is Welcome!
Anyone can Join!
Instant Account

Unlimited Job Positions!
No Experience required!
Setup and Money Making!
Of course, in order to get more visitors, it should be open to all and put unlimited job posting!

What exactly you will do
After signing up, you could use the given link to generate traffic and earn money 2$ for every unique visitor that clicks your link. 

Send to annoy
Good places to start posting your ANNOYING link are on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, forums, chat rooms, blogs, etc. TIP: NO! JUST NO!

This new site really give you NUTS(sorry), give you more annoying stuffs I mean. =)

Among the similar reviewed websites were: (MegaStoon similarities in terms of design, cash flow, registration, testimonials, and system)
So, did you just conclude that this is a FRAUD website? My answer is 100% YES! Why? Read more here.

Why Megastoon is Fake, FRAUD, and SCAM?
Okay, you may give me a statement such as this: "You said this is new, you should try it before concluding that is fake".

Answer: I don't want to waste and exert effort just to get $1,500 weekly by just sending annoying referral link to my friends. Yes, this is a new website but if you are keen observer, you will notice the similarities among the sites that I reviewed.

If you insist to pursue this kind of joke job, then go...and start to annoy your friend.

Reasons Why it is a FRAUD

1. Registration
Registration with Megastoon
Have you ever tried to register in email provider such as Gmail, MSN, Hotmail, or Yahoomail? If you did, then you probably had hard time to register with it. Compared to this MegaStoon, you will only fill up namely: Username, Password, Email, Address, and Payee name.

What? Well, I successfully(yep simple) registered it to get some information. And I am a member with that instant after clicking register button.

Try ClixSense: Another legit website
Even with Legitimate Website has an earning value of $0.01 per clicking ads only. Try to earn money with clicking ads: Earn With ClixSense
With ClixSense, you can earn real money out of it. But to be honest, a $0.01 per ads is quite difficult to imagine. A $6 minimum cash out is too way looonnnng to redeem.

However, if you refer to someone(just what you have done with Megastoon), you have the POTENTIAL to earn $1000/month(you must work it very hard).

By the way, I will share great opportunities too. There are many ways to earn money.
  • Blogging(which I did) You can check out my earnings with blogging: Blogging First Step To Success
  • Affiliates Marketing(earn commission if you successfully sold an item and you may be familiar with Amazon or ClickBank)
  • Clicking Ads(this is similar to ClixSense) Quick RegistrationSign Up ClixSense
  • Online Jobs( You can apply here: Odesk.com )
  • Designing Contents ( visit here: 99designs.com )

Megastoon Lack Features
Megastoon Security Features
  • No Authentication (are you a bot? or not?)
  • No Confirmation Link 
  • No Captcha (for robots and brute-force attack)
  • No support with Secure Browsing (could be exposed and hacked)
When a website which deals with large amount of money, these security features are extremely important to have in a website. However, Megastoon failed to have these all.

In short, less secured, easily to be hacked, and low quality and integrity.

2. False Information
  • 100% Verified logo seal (it kinda free and available online though)
100% verified
100% verified

For what? Okay, it is merely means 100% verified to be Fake, Fraud, and Scam!
  • John Bernardo Video Testimonial(fake!)
john bernardo from megastoon
john bernardo from megastoon
Link: http://videos.megastoon.com/view.php?show=114
Categoorie : News
Description : This video was made by Mr. John Bernardo's a one of our best users.
He show on it how he received our payment 

You Can See the video in youtube from the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6YrASRSuKw Or go to Megastoon.com From here MegaStoon.Com"> Alert : Write a comment to see magic.
Just who the heck is John Bernardo? Well, he is claimed to be the one of the best users to ever annoy opps I mean to earn great money with MegaStoon.

Unfortunately, as with Facebook comment below the video, I found more users did comment to see the magic – the magic of frustration, desperation, and annoyance.

Sorry for your magic trick, it wont worked on me, honestly. =P
  • Marquee Paid Users(really?)
marquee header
Marquee Paid Users

See moving text from left to right?
31/08/2013 Paid : John Bernardo ( 2100 USD ) Salah Opran ( 1620 USD )

What? August 31, 2013 ? But Megastoon has been modifed last September 01, 2013. Quite inconsistency date issue here.
  • Payment Options
payment options
Payment Options
In the registration page, it does not display what exactly you want to use. It has only Payee Name(cheque name), wheres Perfect Money, Ego Pay, Paypal, WU, Money Gram, Payza, Bank Transfer, Solidtrust Pay, and moneybookers.

This is one way to fraud users though.
StatsActive Job holders : 2,510,025.
Total Work completed : 1,660,941,137 USD
Today completed : 112,085,764 USD
Paid To Members : 1,437,692,593 USD
Unapproved Earning: 223,248,544 USD
After receiving minimum payout, you are asked to complete the survey which is also completely annoying.

Completely FAKE STATS!
How do I promote my referral link?
Promote your referral link on forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, chats, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups, twitter, ptc sites, advertising websites to get link visits and earn money on every visit you sent through your link
Start to annoy friends now and whole social media sites!  Promoting links could be disgusting. 
When will I get paid?
The minimum balance required for payout is 100$ and you can get paid through PayPal, Cheque, Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfer at end of every month.
$100 ? But I just put my name(cheque name), and no paypal account information though.
How much can I earn?
You can earn without any limits, it depends solely on your efforts and how much you work to promote your link. Many of our top members are earning more then 500$ per day and 10,000$+ per month
Yeah! There is no really guaranteed income, but there is a legit website. Not this website. Just Megastoon.
This can't be real. Are you giving free money?
No, we are not giving away free money. We are paying you in order to generate traffic to our website. We will get paid from our advertisers for the traffic we bring to them.
Okay, Fine. But honestly, we give you income yet you wont pay us. -_- you scumbag! 
System Updates: Anti-Cheat : Please note that we have a strong anti-cheat system, so do not bother sending fake traffic. You will get credited about it, but eventually you will not get paid and your account will get banned. Only send real people from real pages.
Anti-cheat? Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the honest of them all? Is it really you the one who is cheating us? 
Note: Please note that if you have not logged in to your account for more than 30 days, all your earnings will be lost.
Well, I just to care even if I lost my account.30 days or 1 month is way too long.

© Copyright 2013 - 2015 - All Right Reserved | MegaStoon.Com

Well, it might be better to exist in 2015...Heck no!


This is where the credibility be found, users that proved to earn real income, uses this forum to share the good news. However, Megastoon does not have this. Even with clixsense(legit website) has a forum but has small revenue of $0.01 per ads clicked.

# local time : Wednesday, 04-Sep-2013 13:56:47 CEST
# gmt time : Wednesday, 04-Sep-2013 11:56:47 GMT
# last modify : Sunday, 01-Sep-2013 12:31:00 CEST
# request from :
Domain name information using whois: megastoon.com 
KENNETH Anderberg
megastoon.com, office #5760292
c/o OwO, BP80157
59053, Roubaix Cedex 1 FR +33.899498765
[email protected]  
Administrative Contact:
KASSE Christophe
8 Rue Etienne Dolet
PERSAN, 95340 FR +33.344020215  (fax: +33.344082351)
[email protected]  
Technical Contact:
KASSE Christophe
8 Rue Etienne Dolet
PERSAN, 95340 FR +33.344020215  (fax: +33.344082351)
[email protected] 

Now, it seems that the contacts does not use Whois Protection. Here, you will see registrant, admin and technical contact from France!

What really happen if you register with Megastoon?
Simple, your name, address, and email address. It is very dangerous to expose sensitive information such these fields.

Most likely, they will use your email addresses to spam you. In addition, they could sell your information to other websites.

Megastoon, just like other similar websites, is 100% FAKE, FRAUD, and SCAM. I really want to suggest not to waste your time and effort in referring others.

How you will help other spreading this fake website?
Just copy the link below and share it to others! Thanks :)



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