04 September 2013

Kitkat: Google Android Next Version Name

Sounds yummy! Well, you read it right! However, I just don't know if Google's Android codenames are brilliant and genius or just for delightfully mouth-watering called names.

For Android Names version, it is alphabetically arranged as follows – Cupcake(1.5), Donut(1.6), Eclair(2.0-2.1), Froyo(2.2), Gingerbread(2.3-2.3.2), Honeycomb(3.1-3.2), Ice Cream Sandwich(ICS: 4.0.3-4.0.4), Jelly Bean (4.1.x-4.3), and the newest yummy name – Kitkat (4.4).

Oh yes, Kitkat has been confirmed to be the next version of Android. Why Google chooses this name?

Android 4.4, Kitkat
Android 4.4, Kitkat

I just don't get why Google chooses Kitkat. Here, with the sprout juice of curiosity, I began to search for the answers. Interestingly, I had found them!

Initially, Google once released the next version was Key Lime Pie. But after realizing that there are few people taste this, they decided to go to another name. (Well, this is my first time to know that Key Lime Pie exists).

With that reason, Google chooses the next Android name to be Kitkat because they realized that few people only tasted Key Lime Pie. In addition, according to report, Android coders' favorite snack was Kitkat. Hence, the company decided to contact Nestle.
Android Kitkat
Android Kitkat

Kitkat is a trademark name of the chocolate YUMMY candy bar made by a well-known company, Nestle. Is it the long-tradition of naming each version to be desserts?

Unlike with Apple's Operating System in their desktop and laptop, they named it after mostly with animal types (Leopard, Mountain Lion).

Image Screenshots Courtesy from Android.com

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