08 September 2013

Terrible! Is Bubblews Losses Integrity and Trust?

Just in case you have missed what is Bubblews. Bubblews is a community that you could post under the sun even with your lightest yet boring personal life in which you could probably earned a cent of at least $0.01 every post, view, and comment. That fact alone made more people engaged and connected to other members just to earn higher revenues.

If you will ask me, I did cash out with my first ever payment worth $25(minimum redemption). I have my screenshots for proofs.

You may wish to visit here: Earn with Bubblews [Review]

With both cases, in the darker side, this higher revenue system does not guarantee to earn you "real"  money. Because sometimes, they manipulate and create a violation just to remove your accounts, rights, and earnings.
In that post, I already had at least two (2) images screenshot for my request of redemption worth $220 in total.
Now, here is my case.  To which it might be a reference to those who want to use Bubblews as their extra income.

Few days ago, I created very high traffic post that made it to approximately 18,000 views which I earned worth $220. I hit the redeem button for a 2nd time in the hope to get the earning of $120. It has been 3 days(72hours), still, I did not even get notification or whatsoever(in which other members too experience the same dilemma).

Is it worth suspecting to redeem worth $100 instead of $25?

Heck no! With Google AdSense, it has a minimum cash out of $100, and I am more get used to it. I used that kind of idea to get $100 instead because honesly, I loved to see earning dollars every hour and every minute.

Aggressive I was,  I am still hoping to get the money....and with that,  again, I redeemed for my 3rd redemption which worth $101. To my surprise, instead of reading for a good news, I earned negative feedback to some members and they suspected I did use traffic exchange websites to reach that 18,000 page views. (I could get it even without those traffic exchange).

What the community and perhaps the admin did not know that post, at that time, was one of the top 10 global searches with Google Trends and it was estimated to reach a traffic of 50,000+ to 100,000+. So my 18,000 views was part of that Google search and did not include with other search engine and to other social media sites which I shared it.

Wally Bayola Scandal has been topped 8 in the chart with Google Trends.

Okay, somethings I can't express with my feeling that day (probably this is of the reason of the removal of my account. oh yes, my instinct is true... they did without further notification).

Bubblews Support Staff2

The interesting part, here comes someone  who commented in my post and tagged this &bubblewssupport2 that allegedly I used a massive view website/tool(in which this so-called Bubblewsupport2 like his comment). Probably, they have linked with each other. From that moment on, I knew and I had a feeling that something's bad will gonna happen. 

I also noted that, even my suggestion post to improve the user experience of that Bubblews was being dislike by this Support2.

How could a support or admin acted like that? He/she can actually comments in that post of mine instead of clicking dislike button.

After that,  a certain crab-mentality member, reported me to ban my account because I allegedly violated one of the 8 rules in the Bubblews Terms.

Okay, I did not mind him, instead, to clean up my integrity, pride, and brand name instead (in which I did also in my blog here), I deleted ALL posts that had only below 50 views(because I thought, they were useless and crap. Opps, sorry I did not mean to discourage my viewers). I just want to tell other members that creating less posts could really earn a lot of money.

In addition, these posts I deleted were already there when I made cashout for my first payment worth $25, since I presumed that the Bubblews checked every accounts and posts, thus, I thought it is really okay if I had those useless posts.

So how come, Bubblews deleted my account? 

I went to mall just to unwind myself a bit then I got home later at night, I checked my Bubblews. Oh yes(not a good news), I was surprised to note that I was removed in their database. For what reasons?

Shocked for what happened, I contacted them immediately for clarifications and explanations.

Does Bubblews losses its integrity and trust?

Perhaps, yes! The fact that they were earning more money because of the posts given by the members. At some point, other members(including me)will suddenly be removed and ignored. They did not know that members were made them rich?

Oh yeah! Not to mention, I was being removed in their database.

When I visited this link post for redemption issues:

It says that, Bubblews had a hard time to fight against with spamming(Am  I included with spamming? Professionally, I make myself not to do such unlikely and unprofessional things).

Furthermore, it was advised that all members who did not get their redemption to simply email to them.

[email protected]
Please include your Bubblews Username's Link

So that's what I do and I thought, it was the most right thing to do I emailed them asking question regarding with my account. But still I did not hear from them, well, I must wait for the couple days to come.

What strikes me were the comments on that post:

We have this similar problem, some members did not get their 2nd,3rd,4th and so on with their redemption.
But we have the slight difference, I was removed and they were still there. Hoping. Screaming.

I managed to get some Images' screenshot with frustrating comments.(click those image to enlarge).

I got comment from other sites too(and it feels like I have a same issue with him)

For further references and reviews:
  1. For 2nd and 3rd time Bubblews did not pay him: http://onlinefanatic.com/bubblews-review/
  2. I loved this review even though it was way back old months: http://onemorecupof-coffee.com/bubblews-writing-community-review/

Disclaimer: This is my own experience and view only. I have my rights to comment and to add information which I think, it is useful for wide range of my readers.

Note: I am not discouraging you with Bubblews, but just to give you some other facts and experience that might use as reference in the near future. I loved what Bubblews trying to offer its members. I honestly tagged it as legit. Even with my friends which I referred were so happy with it.

But not this time. I got my case. Probably, a unique case. (removal).

It is sad part to note, that I, who did best to get earnings and they have earned too. Suddenly, without any notifications was being removed in the community.

So what is my plan?
I already contacted them, I just wanted to get my account and earnings which what I believed I deserved to get. Moreover, I exerted effort in getting such amount. I knew how Adsense works... and I can estimated how much they could earn money a day.

My redemption worth $220 was, honestly, a cent to them. I think I could no longer claim it because they already removed me from their lists. -_-

I will be updating with post from time to time.

So what's your story?


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