10 September 2013

Happy National Teachers Month: Globe Telecom Celebrates

Teachers are considered to be the second parents. We learn, value, treasure, and adore them. For without teachers, we will not be in your life today. Though, the sad part is, not all children have an education – and I am pretty sure they missed the feeling to be with their teachers.

However, we admit, we have also teachers we don't like. And it is normal too. Yet the main task for these teachers are to guide us in our path to success(even if it is difficult).

But still, experience is the best teacher. In connection with this, Globe is celebrating National Teachers Month with a theme: Equipped Teachers with 21st Century Skills.

Do really help them with these skills?
The National Teachers Month started on September 5. Globe Telecom features on how important teachers in the country through Global Filipino Teacher(GFT) and Global Filipino School (GFS) programs.

With the power of Information and Communications Technology, Globe Telecom has this mission to guide, teach, prepare, and equip teachers to introduce learning system with 21st century skills bringing quality education.

Globe Celebrates National Teachers Month: Equipping Teachers with 21st Century Skills 
PHOTO CAPTION:Graduates of Globe Telecom’s Global Filipino Teachers Program, Armand Lagria from Bilar National High School in Bohol and ShateenSeraƱa from Taluksangay National High School in Zamboanga City

We all know that our world is fast changing like a rocket-fueled missile. Through with the GFT and GFS programs, Fernando Esquerra, OIC of Globe Telecom's Corporate on Social Responsible program, said that teachers should equip and deliver quality education in 21st century.

It was on 2009, the Global Filipino Teachers launched its program to train teachers on Effective Classroom Management with the use of ICT(Information and Communication Technology).

The said program has already benefitted 342 schools across 12 regions in our country.

One of the beneficiaries of GFT program, Shateen Serana from Taluksanay National High School in Zamboanga City, won from Microsoft Search for Innovative Teachers Leadership Award. And she was able to travel other countries too like: Hong Kong, New Zealand, Dubai, and Czech Republic.

"I started to motivate my colleagues to use technology and problem-based learning in teaching. The GFT program also gave me and my students confidence that we can be globally competitive." ~she shared.

The GFT and GFS programs demonstrate and show more than just being Globe Telecom’s core business, ICT is a key component in the company’s approach for achieving maximum social impact in under served communities.
Image credits to Globe Telecom
Source: Globe Telecom

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