27 September 2013

Google Doodle Celebrating its 15th Birthday Anniversary - Candy Crush Edition

At first glance, I immediately told myself it is literally candy crush in which can be more seen in town celebrating fiesta. Well, I did play and I got quite highest number 180.

Why Google has this interactive Doodle?
Google Doodle 15th Birthday

The idea behind that doodle comes from the interactive Mexican piñata(that Star-Shaped object). The said Google Doodle challenges the user to get some candy by thwacking that Piñata with colorful stick.

Got 180 points
Google is celebrating its 15th birthday with this kind of game. After series of attempt to get higher score, I learned to focus well with great timing. It is really hard to get 170 points. The fact that it has only 10 turns with ideally increased the score after hitting series of backspace.

To play with this interactive Google Doodle, you need to hit Mexican piñata to get higher score using backspace.

With that, I made some information that you might get interest with:
  • 10 turns
  • Increases score
  • Great Timing
  • Using backspace minuses 1 stick turn
  • Using mouse-click will cause loss of 2 sticks-turn
Tip to get higher score

In order to get higher score, you need great timing to hit that Mexican Piñata (that blue point), with the tip of the stick, if you will do it, I am sure you will get the highest score. In my case, I got 180 points, in which, I made it with series of attempts just to learn the technique to get higher score.

Back with the Google's celebration to its 15th birthday since 1998. Historically, Google was originally called BackRub founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin as part of their research project based in Menlo Park garage.
Does really Google founded on September 27?

With tech journalist and analyst, Google was actually incorporated on September 07 and launched its first domain registration on September 15.

The mere reason why Google celebrating its birthday on September 27 is because of the Yahoo's growth rate on 2005.

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