11 September 2013

Globe Business PayrollCloud Web-Based Cloud System Solution

The innovative web-based cloud solution that Globe Telecom introduced will hope to improve company's Payroll System.

Though, Payroll has mostly been managed by Human Resource (HR) in corporation. Yet, I have seen few payroll served by the accounting staff.

In addition, way back when I was in the college, we have our thesis payroll system(web-based). And to tell you, payroll seemed to be complicated and has more computations and conditions.

Here, Globe Business introduces PayrollCloud that could give easier and efficiency among HR or payroll staff.

The head of IT-Enabled services Group, Jesus Romero, discussed the web-based cloud solution that will serve and offer effectiveness on payroll.

payroll cloud
payroll cloud

The actual walkthrough about the PayrollCloud, participants learned advantages and benefits of Payroll Cloud. They also learned that it has a multiple modules that made it more unique compared to other payroll system.

PayrollCloud is a web-based cloud system by Globe Business solution that has unique payroll setups and processes. It will help the burden in manual or other processing software used.

One of the benefits that Jesus Romero emphasized is its cloud-based solution. The HR or payroll staff could report on-the-go, mobile-based, and easy access.

Thus, making PayrollCloud included in the trend of technology that we are facing now. 

Source: Globe Telecom

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