21 September 2013

Angel Locsin Breaks Silence With Photo Scandal Leaked

After TV host Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh and Band Parokya Ni Edgar(PNE) vocalist Chito Miranda with his GF controversies that videos went viral. Here comes another alleged photo scandal, in which, has slight a different medium. 

Angel Locsin alleged photo leaked scandal that goes viral.

Angel Locsin breaks the silence with the issue. Is it really Angel Locsin? Find out more here. 
After learning with the latest viral photo that shows a sexy celebrity – Angel Locsin – wearing a red dress, a #selfie picture, oh no, and one left breast exposed.

This alleged photo scandal of Hot Celebrity Angel Locsin  has become skyrocket on the internet.

Claim: Angel Locsin Photo Scandal goes viral. Is it Angel's Photo?
Brief Analysis: Its a fake. From the picture itself and with Angel Locsin's testimonial.
Angel Locsin with Original Picture of Miss Emma Glover
Angel Locsin with Original Picture of Miss Emma Glover
Angel Locsin Breaks Silence on Alleged photo Scandal
With the ABS-CBN news report, Angel Locsin asserted and denied that the supposed photo was not really her.

She also stressed out that it happened many times with those bashers on the internet.

Source: Angel Locsin Abs-cbnAbs-CBN

Okay, I just said it was a fake picture. Now, we will be analyzing some details with the alleged Angel Locsin's photo Scandal.

Photo Analysis

When I got a chance to study Swapping Faces using Photoshop. Right after seeing the Angel Locsin's Photo Scandal, I know and skeptical about the lightning.(Yeah, I may not tag myself as expert though)

This photo was merely made by a powerful editing software Photoshop (though they are much photo-editing software out there, but I totally guessed it was Photoshop)

Adobe Photoshop is really a powerful software that even a faked or edited photo could be a SEEN as REAL. Experts on photography and some fields could even deceive with the photo that made by the Photoshop experts.

With that, I sampled and swapped my photo, and I actually made a tutorial on how to swap faces using photoshop.

Learn here: How To Swap Faces Using Photoshop

While swapping faces is a lot of fun especially with your friends' faces to another face. However, you need to take extra careful with swapping faces that may harm the subject especially here – a celebrity with the alleged picture scandal.

Alleged Photo Scandal of Angel Locsin leaked
Angel Locsin Alleged Photo Scandal
Angel Locsin Alleged Photo Scandal
The photo of Angel Locsin here has not completely blended yet saturated between her head and the body. She looks pale. -_-
Lightnings did not match
Lightning did not match
See the red circles? Lightning with her head and her shoulder did not exactly match. One assertion is that what if there are two lights? Left and right?

This could be true in a sense. But my instinct tells me that it really had one light. Though instinct does not help with any investigation. It needs to have sufficient evidence to claim instinct to be TRUE. To backup my conclusive thinking and assessment, I compared it to the original photo that was taken and edited with Angel Locsin's – and made it viral.

Lightning was actually on the left side only. See below image.

Original Picture of Miss Emma Glover ( I got from twitter ) posted in the Microblogging Twitter.
Miss Emma Glover Picture
Miss Emma Glover Twitter Picture 
Angel Locsin Photo Scandal Leaked is a product of Photoshop or other photo-editing software. It is no FUN to expose one person, especially nude picture.

Okay, It is really not Angel Locsin though.


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