30 September 2013

9th Google AdSense Payout

It's kinda late but it's better than never. Almost one week already, I had received this payout cash from Google dated September 24, 2013 – and it is my 9th payout with Google Adsense(GA). First of all, I want to thank God and for those people who help me earned and got like this. I never expected such good news and with the deep appreciation in my deepest heart, I am very thankful about this.

This post is not made with the sole purpose to boast but rather it serves as an inspiration for those who want to earn extra money online by blogging.

Google Adsense 9th Payout
My Boring Story

This is my 9th cashout with Google AdSense. So far so good, what's next?  First of all, let me share you with a slight story of mine. Last month, I was happy to note that I had a money worth of $200 from Bubblew website.

But with the clashes of event, honestly a sad part, they(admin) actually removed my account without further notice. To my dismay, I ended writing up more articles in this blog. Instead of bashing this website, I rather choose to focus instead with my own blog.

Everyday, is a busy day as always, and I was inspired to formulate and create paragraphs(in which I know need to improve the grammar).

In the following days or weeks, my sacrifices went better and it bear a fruit from blogging.

With the blessings-in-disguised, that Bubblews experience had given me a great opportunity to earn more(double). Happy as I am, I learn one good lesson: Never write good quality in some websites. You must put that quality posts in your own blog.(that is why I am posting it more here in my own blog). If you want to read my story about Bubblews

read here: Bubblews Losses Trust and Integrity

Tips on Blogging Posts

Like almost payout post had few tips added. So here, I will add some more too:

  • Create up-to-date news
  • Post some interesting and unique posts
  • Interact with the fellow readers(commentors)
  • Regularly update your blog.
Fight Writer's Block Problem

I know you have this so-called "writer's block" problem. And you often experience it, so far, when I had experienced it, I actually switched to unwind session, watch movie, listen to cool musics, and read news.

September 2013: 9th Cashout

Its my 9th cashout so it is most likely has a minimum of $900 total earnings($100 minimum payout with Adsense). To convert it, I actually had P38,000.00 (but in total of 2 years already). And I am more convinced it is my 13th month pay.

Compare to other bloggers, I am earning small compared to them. But the thing is, I am happy with it. Less pressure. No deadlines. It is actually a sideline job. To heal the boring moment – I usually posted some articles.

Today, its kinda late, I would like to thank Google Adsense once again for this little gift and blessing.

To those aspiration wanna-be bloggers, keep creating and making useful and interesting posts. Thank you :)

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