21 September 2013

5th Payout With ClixSense: My Secrets?

Just clicking ads, you can actually earn dollars too. Instead of sharing referred link with a scam website(which I reviewed more in this blog), on the other side, ClixSense – for past years – is quite a good choice. It is proven and tested with its legalities.

While many websites promise to earn you lots of money, learn on how their system and business flow. For quite some time, I did learn and study with some websites.(which are fraud and fake).

You never know that you are actually one of the victims in that scam website. Though, you may not lose money but you have lost your effort and time dealing with those websites.

Fortunately, ClixSense is REAL though cent-earning website still I managed to cash out with my 5th payout. I am really thankful for it. :)

Though, at first, its really a snailed-earning which might be boring(just imagine how $0.001/ click-ads). However, in the long run, this could be great opportunity to earn a passive income if you are serious about it.

Well, I learned that people that even if they have seen other people who are earning high revenues and profits, still stick to their own work and passion.

In my 4th payout post with ClixSense, I did not share any tips on how to earn more dollars with ClixSense, but more on inspiring to join the ClixSense. Now, the good news is that, I will give my secrets on how to earn with ClixSense.

Before that, my 5th payout requested worth $6.05 but I actually got earned $7.14, and you might confused about it. The thing is, when I requested the amount of $6.05, ClixSense will process it for a couple of days, as day comes by, my earnings have been increased. 

Thus, I keep on adding my passive earnings to that $6.05, so that's the story.
requested 5th payout with clixsense
requested 5th payout with clixsense
transaction details with paypal
transaction details with paypal

Secrets of ClixSense
Actually, when I started ClixSense, I was being optimistic even though I just got $0.001/ads.

As the time goes by, I realized that ClixSense could be one of the sources of extra income. With that, I studied some few tips on how to earn pretty well with ClixSense.

Oh yes, I have seen more people get high revenues with ClixSense. If you are serious with this, you can earn $100/day or more.

Now, the bad news is that I still did not earn pretty large amount of money. That is because, I have small numbers of downline.

For now, as of this post, I got only 419 referred people and with that number, only 285 are active with ClixSense, and 2 premium users.

My secrets?

  • Be a premium user. (upgrade to premium user worth $17/year). Got more chances in the ClixSense Grid game, have more earning value compared to normal type of user.
  • Referred other friends. (this is the main earning passive opportunities) Though, you may have lot of referred people, if they are not active then you still could earn small money.
  • Since I have written numbers of reviewed scam websites which promise to earn money. With that, I inserted ClixSense to be one of the alternatives(and it works pretty well).
For now, these are what I actually do with my ClixSense account.


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Happy clicking ads guys! ^_^

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