18 August 2013

Why Google Shuts Down[Again] Youtube App in Windows Phone?

With the advent of user crave for great experience with YouTube, Microsoft's YouTube app specifically for Windows Phone, shutdowns by Google again. Why does Google Shuts it down?

Nokia Lumia + Youtube

image via conversations.nokia.com
First Shutdown

The first shut down of Microsoft-built YouTube app was on last May. The issues were about of the allowing downloads of videos and not displaying ads for which it violates Google's Terms of Services. And Google demanded to remove the YouTube app.

Second Shutdown

Earlier last week, YouTube app was relaunched by Microsoft to provide great user experience. After the released it was AGAIN shutdown by Google.

In a post, AllthingsD, stated, it was shutdown because Microsoft, according to YouTube spokesperson, did not upgrade its browser to enable the full-featured YouTube experience. It violated YouTube's Terms of Service(ToS).

Post From Microsoft

In Microsoft's post, Limits of Google's Openness by David Howard, Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Litigation & Antitrust, Microsoft.

He stated that: Google shuts down[again] the Microsoft-built YouTube app because it violates Terms of Service and it is not using HTML 5 in their browser. But he claimed that even Android and iOS still not using HTML with their YouTube app. This was quite inconsistent about their goal – openness.

For the meantime, he and Microsoft request Google to stop blocking their YouTube app.


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