15 August 2013

Western Digital Founded SPA

In order to promote quality merits and value with rotating magnetic storage technologies, Western Digital, founded Storage Products Association (SPA) with Hard Drive companies.

Western Digital
Western Digital
With Western Digital(WD) Press Release(PR), it stated that it will launch its so-called Storage Products Association (SPA) to ensure security with data storage. In addition, it will add knowledge to consumers/users on how a hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs) are tagged as critical storage technology.

Hard drive companies join SPA aside from WD

  • HGST
  • Seagate
  • Toshiba

SPA(Storage Products Association) is a organization that will help storage companies and users to know and support future storage needs and wants. It will provide education among customers, and members of HHDs and SSHDs. Additionally, it will participate in industries to promote and publish materials about storage information and needs.

Tim Leyden, WD president, said:
"Driven by continued, rapid expansion of digital content production, demand for storage is expected to grow in the mid-30s percent range annually through 2020. While, in that time frame, a mix of technologies will be deployed to appropriately serve customers, about 75 percent of the capacity is still expected to be rotating  magnetic storage devices. Every user of smart phones, tablets and personal computers today depends on the value and reliability of HDDs or SSHDs to secure their precious data, whether the storage is in their device or in the cloud. SPA will help consumers and businesses appreciate the value of their growing content storage needs and the remarkable rotating magnetic technologies that save and protect that content".
For more information and SPA, go to www.storage-products-association.org

Source: Western Digital Press Release

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