09 August 2013

Visitors2cash.com Review: Fraud, Scam or Real?

For this week, I reviewed yet another quite-obvious fraud website which offers a great high payout for just referring a link? Oh come on, not again please! I feel sorry about this but I have to review with this kind of website. At one point, I saw one user advertised it in a PTC site like Clixsense. At the back of my mind, doubtful, it tells me, Oh it seems it has a familiar design… hmmmm..Does it really pay the users?

So I did venture to review this Visitors2cash.com thingy. Did visitors2cash really pay the users?

Visitors2cash.com logo
What is Visitors2Cash?
Visitors2cash is a not-new-website which offers fraud earnings; opps I mean potentially earn money by sharing a link then the company will certainly (doubt) pays you. True? Also, it says, it is a leading online advertising company. That is to scam you! (Opps Not again).

Visitors2cash claims to have great money making system. Thus, promisingly, earn you money by JUST sharing (annoying) a referral links to your friends and flood to social media sites like Facebook.

Logo designed a little bit similar with turtle fonts( turtle maybe slow ).

Domain name:
  • Creation date: 02 Feb 2013 01:20:00 
  • Expiration date: 01 Feb 2014 17:20:00

Both  technical, registrant, and administrative was protected by:
  • WhoisGuard, Inc. WhoisGuard Protected () Fax: P.O. Box 0823-03411 Panama, Panama NA PA
Why the owner hides its identity to public?

HOW TO earn money with Visitors2Cash?
High Revenue Sharing (promised!)

When a visitor signup with your referral link, you will receive a bonus of $2. Sample, if you have invited 10 people, therefore, you could earn $20 instant!

Each unique visit could earn $0.5. So by annoyingly sharing of unique link could earn you a $0.5, so if you successfully annoyed 10 people, you can get at least $5. Bingo!

So what is the minimum amount ready for cashout?
If you will reach amount of $30, you can get it via Paypal, Bank Transfer, Money Gram, Western Union, and Cheque.

Payments will issue at the end of a month. All earnings listed and/or represented by Visitors2Cash.com are estimated value(s), actual value(s) subject to change with or without notice.

Is Visitors2Cash a FREE?
It is 100% FREE, and if you will get $30. It is also FREE AWAY: D

Technical Review: Reasons Why It is FRAUD!

It seems that there Registration page is error-proned. It displayed error function in PHP server-side scripting, yet, I am able to login! Yepey!
Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/content/26/10813926/html/register.php on line 159 mabzicle, you are now registered. Thank you!
  • It does not support Secure Browsing (HTTPS)
  • No captcha, No confirmation link, No PIN.
  • Lack of information to be inputted.

Referral Link
Oh yes, I am successfully one of the members here. And I have my referral link, so let’s start to annoy our friends. NO!

Visitors2cash claims that they to support anti-cheat when in fact they are cheater in the first place. J

Spam Terms
They said: “We do not believe in spam” and I said, looks whose talking.
“and we are very strict on the handling of your information. The only emails you may receive are periodic emails with information about updates and issues with the site. “I am not sure but honestly, it always send message to cashout when in fact it does not reach the minimum amount of $30.

Recent Payouts
What strikes me a bit is the recent payout shown in their website. As you can see, it has many people cashout for a large amount of money. No! It’s a trap and be sure not to fall.


ACFX (203$) - Arunbac (1208.5$) - Rascal (350$) - MegaHyip (107$) - FreeSpin (1231.5$) - MDunleavy (98$) - Erjolan (452$) - Xatik (190$)

Traffic(Online Users)
Shocked but I know how it works. If you see there are many online users (averages of 300) this is because it already went to viral by sharing referral links plus by some members advertised it in PTC sites and Traffic generating sites.

It was registered last 02 February 2013, and it started to improve its traffic rankings. But the thing is, it hides the domain owner to whois protected guard. 

In committing to a business startup, it is advised not to hide the identity for it could create credibility, trust, and liability. So how can owner ge credibility in the first place?


Visitors2cash is a scam, fraud, and fake website. Do not engage with the site. It will waste your time and it is possible that they could exposed it to public, flood spam messages in the email, and annoy you from sharing referral links.

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