18 August 2013

The Internship - American Comedy Movie [Review]

The Internship is an American comedy film starred by Vince Vaughn(actually the one of the writers wrote the film together with Jared Stern, and was a producer of the said movie), and Owen Wilson.

I did not see its movie trailer. What I did notice is its type of film and it is a comedy genre. I just watched it – on-the-spot – and  I find it really quite interesting. The film did not really make me laughed but honestly, I loved what it wants to convey to the viewers.

I did research with the movie, and I learned something that struck my attention. Vince and Owen also partnered and starred with the movie The Wedding Crashers. Though, I did not watch the box-office The Wedding Crashers, I want to put my impression about the film.

the internship
the internship
About The Internship

Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s): June 7, 2013
Running time: 119 minutes
Country: United States
Language English
Budget: $58 million
Box office: $72,135,704

The Internship Plot

After being laid off from their sales positions when their employer quits-out business. Billy(Vaughn) tried to apply for an INTERNSHIP at the Google through Google Hangout. For their unorthodox interview answers, they managed to be accepted by the Google Internship despite of their lack of experience in the technology world and they were the only old-age interns.

The competition will take place until summer by team against other team(Nooglers). There are quite many tasks to achieve. The winning team will have a job with Google.

The two old-age interns team-up with the so-called rejects.
  • Stuart -  always use his phone(googling etc.)
  • Yo-Yo - Asian boy that is an overbearing Asian Mother.
  • Neha - Indian girl nerd-geek.
  • Lyle - team leader acting awesome.
  • Billy and Nick were the ones restoring confidence among the team members.
Graham is a geeky tech person that bullies Billy and Nick's team.

Mr. Chetty is the head of the internship program, and has doubts about the older-men skills. To make the story short, there is a task for developing an app. The mission is to earn most of the downloads. And Billy and Nick indulge their experience in the night club. The team members experienced great night.

At one point, in technical support hotline exam, the Bill and Nick's team has no score.

The final task is sales challenge. The task is to sign big companies to advertise with Google. Billy left because of the technical support hotline, because he feels loss and the team got zero score.

Nick convinced Billy to return to the team, and Billy manage to get the local pizzaria owner with the discussion on how Google will help its business.

The last assembly, Mr. Chetty announced the winners. The team arrived late during the announcement and tried to request a last chance for their entry. The official rules allow them to present their results in a last moment.

Mr. Chetty recognized the Billy and Nick's team as winners though pizzaria is not a big company but it has a potential because it is embraced and equipped with the technology specially Google.

Graham protested the declaration of winners. But a Google Employee "Headphones" turns out to be the head of Google Search told graham why he was not a winner.

Both team members have their jobs at Google.


While Billy and Nick has old-school attitude than other geek interns, it should not underestimate. For techie out their, this is inspirational to watch. 

The movie films portrays mostly with Google(and its products). The film has reference to games like Harry Potter, X-men(professor X), starwars etc.

There are romantic movie scenes too such Nick and Dana(A workaholic Google Senior Manager), Lyle and Marielena.

Honestly, it does not give my two-thumbs up rather quite intimidating laugh probably because I did know some products with Google. But what I learned with the movie is that those techie-geeky out there should experience the real-outside world(same with the night out party they had).

Lastly, I also predicted some scene whats next and went successful with my semi-directing thoughts! Overall, I shall give it a ratings of 6 out of 10.


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