31 August 2013

Invest More With System Mechanic Tool [Review]

Have you experienced slow performance with your computer? Of course, you did! We normally faced the fact that we are in the same situation – frustrating slow PCs. Moreover, do you know that eventually our PC will be filled with useless files? No, I am not joking! In fact, as I wrote this, I have been annoyed the slow PC performance and internet connection. 

Well, I just to deal with it.

In my previous review with PC utility FREE tool – CCLEANER. I did mentioned that it is really the best FREE tool to clean up mess and boost speed & performance. However, here is a catch, CCLearner still has few lack of features compared to this tool that I will be reviewing a premium now. For quick and first use, this software really improved my PCs speed, power, performance, and stability.

Is it really worth to invest with this tool?
Latest UPDATE November 14, 2013
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For more information on iolo technologies and System Mechanic you can refer to the paragraph below:

System Mechanic is an all-in-one PC tune-up utility software suite that analyzes, fixes, optimizes, and maintains Windows computers. It incorporates multiple patented and patent-pending technologies, such as ActiveCare, a technology that allows the program to run automatic maintenance scans and repairs on a Windows PC while a computer is on but not in use.
System Mechanic was created by iolo technologies in 1998. iolo estimates that System Mechanic has been used by more than 45 million people worldwide. The newest edition is 12.
Okay, most common solution to fix this slow PCs is to uninstall the software installed. But to be sure, it needs to reformat instead. Thus, takes time and painful experience to backup and reinstall the OS, drivers, and software.

If you are at the large business organiztion then it would be nicer to have such tool.Definitely, I proudly say, this tool works amazing! 

I introduced to you – System Mechanic. You probably heard or seen this software and now, honestly, I will be giving impressions with this application. Such painless way to improve ones system!
System Mechanic
System Mechanic
What is System Mechanic?
I forgot to mention that I did use other PC system utilities such as Advanced SystemCare Pro, Tune Up utilities, CCleaner, and other products(which I forgot the names).

System Mechanic is a PC Tune-up, Booster, and Clean-up utility packed with full-patent technology to offer and provide customers great and excellent way to clean mess and boost performance in the system.

Pricing and Availability
Perhaps, you learn that this is not completely FREE. Though, it has a FREE VERSION(lack of features). With premium one, surely, it is worthy! Yes, System Mechanic worth  $49.95 and now, it is $39.95 which saves $10.00.

Wait! Don't be discouraged the fact it is worth a dollar. Mind you, your payment invested will be worthy enough to make your PC improves speed and stability.

System Requirements
You don't need to have a high-end system to install System Mechanic. Basically it just need the following:
  • Windows® 8, 7, Vista, and XP
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 40 MB of free hard drive space
Amazing System Mechanic Features
  • Guided Recommendations™ : it has a review in the community thus it will voted more or less with the certain problem. If you are doubtful with the option to set, ideally this is a good feature.
  • NetBooster™: Not all PC Tune-up utilities really boost even with internet connection! Say hello to download and watch videos.
  • ActiveCare® uses set-and-forget patented technology. Automatically fix your system!
  • Total Registry Revitalizer™ : Sometimes, registry could have an impact with the system's performance. With this technology, it will remove unused crap of registries in the system. It also resolves registry problems and make PC more stable.
  • AcceleWrite® : I only found this technology with System Mechanic. Did you know the file reads and writes could also affect the system? With this technology, it will optimized file write speeds in real time. It will minimize random data writing to HardDisks, USB drives, and SD Cards.
  • PC Cleanup™: This useless junk files consumed file space in the HARDDISK. With this technology, it will clean up over 50 types of junk files.
  • Program Accelerator™ re-aligns disjointed program files. It is like more on defragment.
  • EnergyBooster™ puts your PC in overdrive for max performance.
  • Memory Mechanic™ : This is what I really like. It reclaims wasted RAM in real time. Oh yes! Love it!
  • CRUDD Remover™ : Few unused programs for quite sometime be located by this technology.It also removes unused extra programs.
  • Startup Optimizer™: Oh yeah! I did try from manual and other application, but here, I just learn that they are still lots of useless startup needs to be shutted down.
  • Privacy Cleaner™ : Since I am using my own computer to browse, this technology is less useful to me. But eventually, as time goes by, I just really this cleaner technology.
Here, I installed System Mechanic.

I checked Enable PC health Status gadget

Okay, I did install it successfully! For this, you will be greeted informative guide display window. For the exciting part, I try to use it to boost my slow PC.

Amazingly, Though, I did use Tune-Up here still it displays more results. Tune-up failed to report it. And what more amazing are the Internet Connection optimization and Memory Clean-up capabilities. For some quite time, I use separate program to optimize my internet connection and to clean up memory.

Here, I would say, System Mechanic made it in ONE-stop featured software.

Startup program results
I want to stress this out: Startup applications could do great impact in terms of performance and speed. While you can manually boost your Startup config with the Windows Tool - MSCONFIG, there are some problems that MSCONFIG failed to detect. Here is System Mechanic, it displays more informative report. In addition, it has a rating with users community review that could help you identify if it is to Keep it on or Turn it off a certain program.

Memory Process
In case you are worrying about how much it consumes the RAM, dont worry, it has a range of consumable bytes of 70K-80K!

Compared to a browser which sometimes consumes 100K-1000K memory!

ACT like Anti-Virus
System Mechanic was not design to be somehow be-more-like with AV(anti-virus) like AVG, AVIRA, NOD32, Kaspersky, and other AV software.

System Mechanic(with my surprise), it did detect malicious piece of code in a certain software. Thus, totally not just for merely boosting up speed but it acts as well as Antivirus!

Clean more useless files

System Mechanic has a great way to clean useless temporary files too. Here, it has a great information and option.

System Mechanic is Friendly to other PC System utility

Even with tough competition, System Mechanic managed to be friendly with other utilities. The above screenshot explains it all. My tune-up is out of date and System Mechanic will find the latest definitions.

If you dont want System Mechanic fix the issue, you have the option though. It has optimize now, hide this problem, and inspect myself option. It is a great and powerful way to choose what you really want to fix. 

Good Example here is the Windows Update. I know, this is common, we tend not to update because we are not actually using genuine(Hope they will give me one) copy. 

Thus, it is recommended not to fix it anyway.

Backup Registry
This is useful feature, we will never know what lies ahead when cleaning registries. If there is something went wrong on the process. It has the backup to restore registry.

Flush Memory! Defragment!
Memory is very important. If the available is TOO low, the performance becomes slow. With System Mechanic, you dont need to use other program to clean up memory!

I personally love this feature! :D

Optimize Internet Speed
If you have slow internet connection, System Mechanic's Netbooster technology will helpand improve internet connection speed.

System Fix up!

I have done all of the results, now, I need to hit that button fix. After being diagnosed and fixed, it will give summary of actions.

This is a great way to know how exactly System Mechanic does!

System Mechanic Gadget
For monitoring purposes, this System Mechanic is a plus. However, honestly, it could consumed memory space. But if you have number of available memory process, you could retain this in the side gadget. :_)

Alert Messages
System Mechanic has a great way to inform the user. Thus, it gives message display window. This is useful but again it consumes processes. :)

You will recommend System Mechanic?

If you have missed to read its features, you could read above. The thing is, you really need to INVEST with System Mechanic or you will need to have a new PC. Yes, I really RECOMMEND System Mechanic! It is a MUST have tool by the way!

Did I miss something? Feel free to comment!

Image screenshots with System Mechanic

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