05 August 2013

ProXPN: Safe, Private, and Freedom To Surf

Did you know that you are not 100% secured and protected in your daily browsing? You are FREE to surf but it is not 100% private. Government and ISP would eavesdrop and record it.  Online is not safe as you might think.

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If you are connected to any WIFI please try to consider that it is not safe and secure, they could get your account in no time. That is merely why there are lots of services like VPN and Proxies provide the user the great ease of privacy and security.

For now, we should have a knowledge what is VPN.

What isVPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a network that provide security and privacy in the connections. VPN channel data with its tunnel between the device passing through encrypted data to the destination. VPN is quite useful to act as anonymous in browsing over net. That is why, some companies offer great VPN service: FREE or Premium type.

What is proXPN?

ProXPN is a FREEMIUM VPN service that offers great and easy to use which gives users the ability to make privacy and security with the connection from treat online. Now, you are 100% comfortable to login and browse anywhere.

ProXPN offers free and premium charge. For most full features, basically premium type has all the features. This includes more speed, connectivity, and all-ports support.

With unlimited or premium account, it has unrestricted bandwidth with all servers worldwide. It also redirect with censorship to its global server. It supports ALL ports rather than web browsing only.

Premium account has faster server support worldwide. Moreover, it has the ability to choose programs that will automatically shut down connection if PROXPN is dropped. In addition, it has the flexible and compatible with VPN services like OpenVPN and PPTP VPN service. Lastly, premium user has all admin support.

For a premium type, you have 20% off if you will use this coupon code: (for those who wanted to secure their data, try premium type).
All free version could access its homepage: http://www.proxpn.com/

Basic VS Premium

Here is the comparison with Basic and Premium, in basic type, a user will have no PPTP connectivity, UNLIMITED VPN speed, access to VPN servers worldwide, torrent enabled, supports iOS and Android platform, ports, and customer support.

Again, if you want full features about ProXPN try $6.25 /month, HOWEVER, if you will just use this coupon:


You will have at least %20 discount.


Protect your data. Feel free to browse and be secured with PROXPN that offers free and premium services. Now, you will be comfortable in browsing or whatever business transactions you will make.

Source: http://www.proxpn.com/ 

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