28 August 2013

No Worries! Globe Telecom Cell Sites Are Safe By DOH

If you are worrying about your health with Globe Telecom Cell sites, you need to be happy for this good news. Globe Telecom Sites are tagged and certified by Department of Health(DOH) as radiation-safety.
Some radio frequency has minor effect with the health with its radiation. But not with Globe Telecom, as the Globe Head of Network Technologies Strategy, Emmanuel Estrada said, these radiation-safety certificates were proof that Globe concerns about the potential health problems from base stations.

“The radiation-safety certificates for every cell site that we have in the country are a proof that concerns over potential health hazard coming from base stations are without basis,” he said.

These certificates are issued by the DOH based on guidelines that ICNIRP or International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) give and impose. (These organizations mandate on human exposures to radio frequency fields.)

Estrada emphasized 

“Radio signals follow the so called ‘inverse-square law of physics’. This means that the signal level from a cell is radically reduced as the distance from the antenna increases. Thus the radiation at ground level is substantially lower compared to radiation levels emitted by the two-way radio of security personnel or a cell phone,” .

Globe Telecom also provides the latest technology "Dynamic Power Control" where both cell sites in Base station and the subscribers handset to dynamically reduce their power output(balance with right level only to provide quality service).

Dynamic Power Control is very effective method to reduce radio frequency levels and power consumption of the base station. Thus, it could save battery life for handsets.

In a survey, it is indicated that radio frequency exposures from base stations in public were in the International Standards for radiation safety.

By comparison, radio frequency exposures from base stations are a thousand times lower compared with radio frequency exposures to radio and television broadcast transmitters.

Lastly, radio frequency signals coming from cell sites are classified as non-ionizing(which means it does not affect health problem issue). On the other hand, ionizing radiations are radiations that could affect human health risks that include x-rays, ultraviolet rays, gamma rays, which can break the chemical bonds in DNA.

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