30 August 2013

Easier Job Search With Globe Telecom + Jobstreet.com

Having a hard time looking for a job? With the emerge of fast innovation, Jobs are quite easier to find now because it people could easily access it online. However, it is important to note that there are lots of fraud and fake websites exist too. Thus, when choosing a service to look for a quality work please take extra careful.
For past few years, if you recall and if you  probably experience it too, we send our applications in their office company personally.

I sent many application letters for an unknown-job-lies-ahead and I presented myself personally with their respected offices. Applying with this technique could be time-consuming and does not guarantee to get one job.

But that was long ago, the good news is, at this technology era – we could look a job right in our fingertips. With proper knowledge, skill, and technique you certainly get a job.

One of the things that make it more exciting is to work at home. Just have a Fast Internet connection and a Computer – and you could earn 10k-50k per month(depends on the kind of work and experience). Odesk is one example to website that gives and offers jobs for an employees and employers to get job applicants.

Now, for local companies, they also upgraded its method to look for an employees. From posting jobs available on posters and over Internet forum/blog. Definitely, this time-consuming old-job technique will become easier, faster, more technological, and more innovative.

Tips on Local Job Applications
I have been with more offices and thus I experienced flaws within me. I mean, I made few mistakes with Interviews. Thankfully, I landed a good job.

Here are my few tips:
    • If there is a job hiring and you like it, RESEARCH about the work and the company. Sometimes, the HR will ask you what could you think about this company, what is your impression, where did you find it, why do you want to work, etc.
    • INTERVIEW: wear business attire if possible. (At one office, I wear just running-shoes and of course the interviewer gives me a tip not to wear such – in short, she means I will apply other company)
    • Bring ALL pertinent documents such as TOR, RESUME, APPLICATION letter, CV, etc. (If necessary bring your Marriage Certificates ^_^)
    • EMPTY your mind. (doing rehearsal could make it worst). Just relax, as if it you are just talking with peers.
    • If possible be before the time of interview, and if you are ahead with the interviewer, probably they have the impression that you are really is interested to work.
    • Don't eat chewing gum or candies while having an interview (I experienced it and it is really disgusting)
Work Abroad
Looking work in abroad is now easier. You don't need to take more time on inquiries. With the internet, you can access it freely!

If you willing to work in abroad, try to visit: Workabroad.ph.

I did a review about that site, and it sure gives a chance and great opportunity to work overseas.

Partnered Globe Telecom + Jobstreet.com
The number one in job site in the Philippines, JobStreet.com and country's leading mobile and internet connectivity, Globe Telecom, joined together to give unlimited access and to make easier and more accessible for job seekers by using mobile surfing.

One of the useful promos of globe is MAIL20 Plus. This promo will give subscribers and jobseekers to enjoy not only with Facebook and Mail(Yahoo, Gmail) but with online Job hunting at JobStreet.com via mobile phone.

With Mail20 Plus, jobseekers can search for job vacancies by position, location, and skills. One of the useful features with it is the personalized Job alerts.

Additionally, you could email resume and apply for quite desired job opening with an instant few keys at anytime and anywhere via m.jobstreet.com.

This m.jobstreet.com site through JobStreet Mobile App is available and accessible in most devices.

What is Jobstreet Mobile App?
JobStreet Mobile App is an app that allows users to browse jobs by categories or fields of expertise, view personal job matches, and receive job alerts, save job searches and views, share job openings to friends and contacts, and apply for job vacancies.

Available for download on:
  •  iTunes
  • Google Play
  • BlackBerry World
  • Windows Market. 
For Iphone users

iPhone users can also avail of the “Jobs Near Me” feature that helps them find jobs at their preferred locations. iPhone users can shake their devices at their preferred locations and all job opportunities will appear on the device map. Job searches can be narrowed down by inputting keywords or filtering specialization and position level at the search page.
How to Avail Mail20 Plus?
For P20 pesos, you could avail Mail20 Plus and enjoy unlimited access to Facebook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and JobStreet Mobile app.

Text MAIL20 and send to 8888 to register.

This Mail20 promo will give a quick email and view job applications without using WI-FI.

Statement of Jenny Granada-Echevarria
Head of Mobile Data Services at Globe, Jenny Granada-Echevarria said that Globe enables job hunters to easily access job opportunities using mobile phone.

And with Mail20 plus, subscribers can access Jobstreet.com, check email, and update Facebook Status without the use of WI-FI connection.

“With MAIL20 Plus, subscribers can enjoy not only the interactive features of JobStreet.com but they can also instantly check and respond to e-mails as well as post job hunting updates on their Facebook accounts. They can do all these using their mobile phones wherever, whenever, even without a Wi-Fi connection. MAIL20 Plus will definitely step up one’s job hunting efforts and give Filipinos the edge when it comes to landing the job of their dreams.”

Yoda Buyco, a Marketing Director at Jobstreet.com also give her statement that with the partnership with Globe it will bring Filipinos at comfort in searching a job with their mobile phones and with MAIL20 Plus.

Jobstreet.com has a mission to improve lives through a better careers with Globe by making it easier and more accessible with job hunting.

Other Related Promos
  • SOCIAL20 with unlimited access to Facebook and Twitter
  • FUN20 with unlimited access to Facebook and YouTube
Both available for only P20 valid for 1 day

Text SOCIAL20 or FUN20 to 8888 to register respectively

About Jobstreet.com
Since 1995, JobStreet.com has grown to become one of the leading Internet Recruitment websites in the Asia-Pacific, revolutionizing the way recruitment is done today. JobStreet.com offers a comprehensive suite of interactive recruitment services. International and local Asian corporations recruit from JobStreet .com's ever-increasing pool of top talent and manage their recruitment process through uniquely developed software applications via the Internet.
 References: Globe Telecom, JobStreet, Workabroad

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