13 August 2013

HOW TO: Clear Cookies in a Browser

Cookies are delicious and delightful baked treat. But in computer technology term, a cookie is a tiny piece of data to store user information while it browses an individual web site.

A cookie is very relevant to users and website owners. In the client perspective, this is quite convenient because at some point you don't need to log in again on a particular internet site.

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In the site view, it stores the user preferences and information so that the next time you will visit, it provides relevant contents.

Cookies, in general, were designed to remember the state of websites or activities that users have taken in the past browsing.

While cookies are the useful piece of mechanism, there is potential privacy threat concern about it. Though cookies don't carry malware, viruses, trojans, and worms, take note that it could be exploited in browsing histories.

Cookies store passwords especially sensitive data like credit card and this is one of the potential threat posed.

There are terminologies of Cookies
  • Session cookie
  • Persistent cookie
  • Secure cookie
  • HttpOnly cookie
  • Third-party cookie
  • Supercookie
  • Zombie cookie
If you are using more than one computer in other places(school, net cafe, WIFI, etc.), clearing cookies is a MUST.

How to Clear Cookies in a Browser?
Four browsers I included.
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
1. Internet Explorer

Many users too used this pre-historic browser, oh yes, this is entirely accurate. I did see my statistics that more people are using Internet Explorer.

1. In menu, click Tools then Internet Options
2. In General tab, and browsing history division, click Delete... button
3. In the Delete Browsing History settings
4. Check Cookies then Click Delete button

2. Opera

In Opera, there are 2 simple steps(its clearing cookies is similar to Chrome).

1. Click the Opera logo(found above-left,), then choose More Tools
2. Click clear browsing data, then in the settings
3. Check Delete cookies and other sites data, then click clear browsing data.

In the address bar, type and enter:
3. Mozilla Firefox

More people used Firefox than IE and Opera so this might be useful to note too. Firefox has a great clearing of cookies because you can choose what you want to delete cookies.

1. Click the Firefox logo(found above-left), then click Options, and choose Options
 2. In the Options window, click Privacy tab, then in the history area, click Remove Individual Cookies
3. In the Cookies window, you can choose what sites you want to remove its cookie. Below, individual or all cookies can be selected.

4. You may click Remove Cookie or Remove All Cookies

4. Google Chrome

Most people prefer Chrome, and I did use it for a quite very long time.

1. Click 3horizontal icon(formerly wrench icon), then choose settings

2. In the configuration window, scroll down and in the Privacy area, click Clear Browsing Data

3. In the clear browsing data, check Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data, and click Clear browsing data.

You can use this in the address bar:


So if you want to clear or remove cookies in your browser, I hope you find it useful steps.


  • Remove after browsing
  • Cookies are good. Don't remove if you are using your own system
  • Use CCLEANER for the easy, fast, and convenient way.( I will put review about it ).

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