02 August 2013

Guardian.co.uk Goes Global Presence

The national print newspaper based ONLY in the UK will now globally providing published content to its new domain www.theguardian.com.
theguardian logo - image via theguardian.com

The previous domain http://www.guardian.co.uk/ was solely for UK and this move to the new domain evolution will lead to millions of users worldwide.

What is TheGuardian?
theguardian.com was formerly known as Guardian Unlimited and guardian.co.uk, British National Print Newspaper owned by Guardfian Media Group.

In a post ,  the article represented to be a piece of Guardian history – gives a single destination to provide content across all countries. 

The website's looks and designs exactly the same except with the URL.

You can check it here. Move to a New Domain: TheGuardian
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