23 August 2013

HOW TO: Extract Portion of Image Using Pen Tool In Adobe Photoshop

Hey wazzup! There is something quite crazy yet amazing that pops up my mind today, and after that, I did crazy things. I know its kinda bit boring but I pretty happy with it. To start with, I noticed that more people change their Facebook profile with their business name/logo on it.

Now, to sum it up...I got jealous and I started to make one. Below the image of the final result. Although, I might think its pretty simple to edit such. But it is kinda complicated thing.

How you will extract portion on image with Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop? I guess it takes little time to achieve this one, however, the good news is that I will be sharing tips here. So start to play with the pictures.
Final Result
What to expect here?
  • You will know basic techniques in extracting portion of the image using tools
  • Some useful tips


  • Image you want to play
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Patience(the key)
Well, generally, this is not so me. I mean, I usually make a tech post rather than this(maybe boring) designing fields But just like I have said earlier  – somethings crazy that pops up my mind. 

It was very difficult for me, when I started to use Adobe Photoshop. I usually downloaded the CS version with my saved-link(given by a  mere designer). Oh yes, I did not have any workstation to work with. So, in internet cafes, I usually did designing.

One of the hardest things I have a difficulty with (well, that old-age era) is to extract some part of the image and blend it to other photo.

Actually, there are many ways to achieve it, however, since I have gone through a lot of difficulties with it, I compared and proved that this will definitely worked more.

Using Pen Tool is a great way to achieve the extraction process.

In order to give you an idea, I will give you some pretty ways to extract.
  • Lasso Tool and Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Filter -> Extract feature
  • Quick Mask
  • And Pen Tool
For this tutorial, I will be focusing instead only with Pen Tool. What are the advantage with the Pen Tool?
Well, for me, Pen tool can accurately draws a path and make a vector shape. With that, I made a decision to choose Pen Tool in every designing especially converting Profile Pictures to Vector Art.

HOW TO: Extract Portion of Image Using Pen Tool In Adobe Photoshop
Heres my sample photo(I shall name it PIC1.jpg) to play with, and you have the right to choose what you want to use.

1. Open your Adobe Photoshop(any version will do because it has similar tools to use with).
2. I open PIC1.jpg in PS(PhotoShop).
3. Select Background and hit ctrl+j (or duplicate) it will come up with a new layer (Layer 1).

    • Layer 1 is a workable layer and if something bad happen with the picture you can still work with the original or source image(Background).
4. Now, we will start to extract (my figure), click or choose Pen Tool.
    • Hit letter "P" in your keyboard.

5.  In the Pen Tool setting, see to it that it is a Shape Layer, Checked Auto Add/ Delete, and Set Create New Shape Layer.

    •  You can choose any colors what you wish to use.(here I used White :) )

6. Using Pent Tool is ideal for accuracy. For tracing, this is a good choice. Below the image, I zoomed it to 120% for me to see more accurately the pixel edges to trace and draw.

7. Just continue tracing portions, I would expect you already done this.

    • If you want to create a convenient tracing of some edge, set your Pen Shape Layer's Opacity to lower or maybe Zero to be sure.Moreover, to reveal next edge, this is quite useful.

8. Now, If you have problem with the curve path. The secret is mouse left-CLICK the edge and HOLD it then move in a direction where the curve displays fit to your taste.
9.  Granting, you did a good job in tracing portion. The result is in a VECTOR shape format  which means you cannot modify, add effects with filter, and other modifications. In order to select easily the shape, we need to rasterize the layer.

To rasterize:
  • Right click the shape(vector) layer then choose Rasterize layer. To choose the shape, you need a Magic Wand Tool.

Result layer

10. Now, we see Rasterize Layer, we now use Magic Wand Tool

Magic Wand Tool is very powerful tool when selecting portion of image that has one color. If select white color(if it has white neighboring pixel, then it will select that portion)

11. So if you choose Magic Wand Tool, and click on the White Rasterize shape, it will highlight white.
12. You might think, what is the purpose of this shape higlighted? This is where you want to extract the portion. Since I wanted to extract the figure of me, I created a shape layer using Pen Tool and selected with Magic Wand.

This is the good part, select the Layer 1 (source image), so the so-called "running ants" that shaped with my figure, will be in the source image. Now, we want to extract it.

13. Now, hit CTRL + J (duplicate) you will be amazed it is extracted the figure. Also, other uncessary layers must be set to UNSEEN. As shown below. (Layer 2)
14. If you have noticed uncesssary while pixel, as shown below, we need to remove such. How? By using brush tool.
15. But first, we need to add vector mask with that Layer 2


    • In using vector mask, it will mask portion with Black color. It is very powerful technique for if somehow did bad deleting of portion in a photo, you could start brushing it with White Color.
    • Unlike with Eraser Tool, it has no history. If it removes then it finally removed. Compared to Vector Mask, it could backup certain modification.

 When using Brush Tool to remove portion of the image, be sure you have the right hardness or softness to remove some shartp or unnecessary pixels.

TIP: Black used to remove portion while White repaints the original photo.
 16. This is the teaser!

 17. Add some delightful text and background. Here, I used some quite cool text and gradient background. Moreover, I did some tweaks to enhance the colors using Curvers, Exposure, and Levels to give more stunning and cool image.

18. This is the final result


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