25 August 2013

Rapper Eminem Left Nearly Dead After Being Stabbed 4 Times[Scam]

Just recently, I got struck and shocked with one of the posts shared by my Facebook Friends. The rumor claimed that the famous Rapper Eminem left nearly as dead with stabbing four times in NYC. Did Eminem got stabbed four(4) times? Is it really true?

The good news is: It is not true. These site owners merely want more visitors with their scam website.
Facebook, a social media website. Is being flooded again with a hoax and bogus about death and stab with a particular celebrity. If I recall, I made a review about similar hoax with the comedy-action star Jackie Chan rumored dead.

Claims: Rapper Eminem Left Nearly DEAD After Being Stabbed 4 Times in NYC
Remark: FALSE
Rapper Eminem Left Nearly Dead After Being Stabbed 4 Times
Rapper Eminem Left Nearly Dead After Being Stabbed 4 Times
Let us examine carefully

Original post
Rapper Eminem Left Nearly DEAD After Being Stabbed 4 Times in NYC!! [Link] Warning 18+!! It was all caught on surveillance video! Click the pic to play the video!
With a link of googledrive.com

The link provided in the post is googledrive.com, but it does not come from Google itself. The correct URL of Google Drive is drive.google.com. In short, this link is FAKE.

If you have clicked on the link, it does not redirect you to the real video but a fake BBC website.

  • This fake BBC news has Google AdSense(In due time, the owner of this Adsense will be removed or get banned)
  • This page has a fake Youtube and Facebook comment. If you hover it, it will never respond buttons or the link. It is yet an image.

Once a user is instructed to share it on the Facebook to watch it, after that, this user[ a surveyvictim] will be redirected to Fake Youtube Page and asked to complete a survey.
Okay, so what is the benefit after completing the survey?Study surely gives the owner a commissions. This is a SCAM actually. The owner of the site shows a nearly death of a celebrity to attract victims and perhaps to earn money out of it.

Why does user fall for this trap?

According to an social media expert, humans, in nature, tend to have interested on watching celebrities as if it is a breaking news story.

However, with closed examination, users could get rid of this scam if they are logical, skeptical, and analytical. I wont blame them if they happened to visit the scam site and did complete survey.

This scammer surely and mostly makes with hoaxes to trick users.

How to prevent this?
  • Learn to trust websites. If you are skeptical with the website, don't try to visit if they have something that attracts you to click.
  • Analyze the link. The sample here is very tricky. But if you really examined it, googledrive.com and drive.google.com is reallly different.
  • Be skeptical. Dont just click any links.
Rapper Eminem's representative in E! News denied this rumor and said: Not true. He remain unstabbed.

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