13 August 2013

Does BlackBerry Wants A Buyer?

With the ever-changing technology and tough smartphone competition, BlackBerry had lost place in the game of smartphones with the Top Maker – Apple, Samsung, and Nokia. While report says, BlackBerry is going to be a private or wants a buyer

Image source: http://www.bubblews.com/news/438303-history-origin-blackberry
In a Mashable post, BlackBerry's CEO, Thorsten Heins, statement, might conclude for its privatization or wants a buyer. Though, it has 70 million BlackBerry users but the sad part is that the market share is no longer at their side.

A price of $10 billion for acquisition of BlackBerry is not a problem with the big potential buyers such as big companies: Google, Lenovo, Huawei, Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung.

For Google, it seems that even the acquisition of Motorola had gone not-so-better. With Chinese companies, it eyes with the buying BlackBerry. But it is not confirmed if it does an interest.

Potential buyer like Cisco has partnered with Nokia and it might be better too if it acquires BlackBerry. Report shows that it could be a weak spot about the company's porfolio.

Meanwhile, with Microsoft, it has a potential to earn at least in the field of tough competition, but Roger Entner, analyst from Recon Analytics, says it will be like a trojan horse for Windows Phone and it will just kill blackberry.

How about Apple?

Report says that Apple is not known for buying big companies, and other might comment it as Kind of Sucks.

Samsung denies in the interest of buying Blackberry instead it will focus on its Linux-Based – Samsung Tizen.

Whatever happens, I did not like BlackBerry in the first place honestly, I was exposed with the Open Source like Android and it feels more comfortable with it. Will I choose the Good from Best?



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