22 August 2013

Google Doodle Celebrates 151st Birthday Anniversary of Claude Debussy

Excitingly for today's Google Doodle, August 22 2013, Google's homepage featurees the celebration of a French composer with his 151st birthday anniversary. What I really like with Google is for they continues to give trivia to a person or event in their homepage. Again, I did not kow this French composer nor I never heard his name. Who is this French Composer?
Google tributes a French composer – Achille-Claude Debussy – with his 151st birthday celebration. Claude Debussy was born August 22, 1862 and he was one of the most prominent musician with Impressionist Music genre.
Claude Debussy Google Doodle
Claude Debussy Google Doodle
Google Doodle pays a great animation with full moonlit night-scene in an old-fashioned street plus flicking lights & starts, and soft piano music with boats and cars moving nearby.

It ended with two individuals riding on the boats crossed paths and shared one red umbrella beneath falling rain.

Achille-Claude Debussy was born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France, the eldest of five children. At the early age, he began playing piano at the age seven with an Italian violist.  At the age of ten, he became more improving and his talents showed evidently in 1872.

Claude Debussy developed his own system of harmony and musical language. The harmonies and chord progression he exploited dissonances were at without formal resolution.

On March 25, 1918, Debussy died of rectal cancer in Paris.

Image via Google | References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claude_Debussy

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