10 August 2013

Chronoblade: Facebook's Best RPG Game [Review]

The game that was introduced by my colleague, though, I did not want to play any games anymore, but with this beta play, I was impressed with the gameplay.

This game reminds me of some kind of RPG packed with special effects and 3D graphics which attracted my interest to play it.

I know there were lots of Facebook users did play with other favorite game like Candy Crush, but yet this game made me a chance to enjoy playing once in a while.

What is Chronoblade?

Chronoblade is a FREE RPG game made by nWay packed with special 3D graphics and effects.

Chronoblade competes with other seem action packed RPG that you may find on other platforms like Xbox or Stream.

Chronoblade is FREE to play, but the items could be premium if you want to improve or add coins in your account.

The background inspired with the design work on Diablo game. The items and skill system also slightly inspired with the Diablo.

It was first launched on June 26, 2013, on Facebook.

Chronoblade: Quick Cool Features
  • Items and Weapons
  • Tokens
  • Skill System
  • Combo System
  • Slow-motion plus camera angle system
  • Payment options What are the unique features of Chronoblade?
The primary reason why I love it is that of its combo system. If you are familiar with Tekken or Street Fighter this is a feat. The combo system is quite amusing, and it only reminds me of any online game here. But on Facebook, you seldom find such like this. The combo is also a great feat with a few keystrokes you could actually make awesome combos.

Graphics is on 3D. It loads pretty fast even if it is a browser game. It has great slow-motion effects that will give you a battle finish on each map. The camera angle is quite good too. I guess you cannot find the same feature to other Facebook games.

Chronoblade: Gameplay

What you will get in the game?

Golds, Crystals, Skill points, Level ups, Items, and scores.

What you will experience Gameplay with Chronoblade?

Since Chronoblade is an RPG (Role-playing game) type, pretty sure you need to boost your character to level up to its new kind of journey – fight monsters each map. And there are many chit-chats too. It's not bad but what you want also is to equipped quality, high-end, rare, attribute-packed items for the fight. I remember the first to introduce such feat, MU.


Each loaded map, you will see some useful tips. The loading map is quite good, but it is all the same in different maps.


chronoblade tokens
chronoblade tokens
In a day, you have 3 tokens. What is the usage of these symbols? These tokens used to boost score and lost more quality items. But don’t underestimate, each wave the enemies become tougher which 's hard to achieve even wave 10.

Also, you could get items here. If you reached the 3rd level score, you have the real chance to get cool things.

maps chronoblade
The map constantly displays mission (anomaly) which the enemies enough very high. The item that is looked here is for the crafting to improve the piece. For me, I will consider this to be a quest because you have the mission to fight on that map and loot craft item.

It has three difficulty options: Normal, Hard, and Heroic. If you are not yet equipped with high armor and life, then you can immediately choose Heroic.

Thus, in one area, you fight 3 times, and Heroic type has a good chance to loot rare items.


You can find such feature, competition, in most online RPG but here even on Facebook, it featured Tournament in Chronoblade.

Tournament - chronoblade
Tournament - chronoblade
In the match, you will see Leaderboard and Allies. You will spend 1 token.


A feature to store items. There are many slots here but advised that those trash or low-quality items be sold. There are 30 slots only with each character.
inventory - chronoblade
inventory - chronoblade
Also, this is where could equip your character with weapons and suits. You can fix the items too (durability).

You will see character’s attribute here.

Lastly, there are 2000+ items are visible to users. From poor to rare equipment. Bigger bosses drop better items. From time to time, I loot more sticky grenades. -_-


This kind of interesting feature and at the same time the most difficult to achieve because you really need to look for the required material and you must ask Facebook friends too.

Crafting - chronoblade
Crafting - chronoblade

Crafting equipment to improve the item’s attributes.


There is 2 division here:

For Aurok, it has Stone Breaker and Berserker.

Stone Breaker skills have better acting skills than berserker. Berserker is better with its passive skills (so it is of the character, you don’t need to keypress the skill)
Aurok skills
Aurok skills
With my character, I mixed two types. Also, it can reset the points too so you could again choose whatever skills you wish to deploy.

For Lophi, it has summoner and shadow. It's up to you what type or mix type you wish to play. :)

Lophi Skills
Lophi Skills

As of this writing, there are 2 available characters to choose. If you unlock the mage-type (lophi – which in a particular place you once fight her - boss) you can use and level up the character.

Aurok character
Aurok character

The next two characters are coming soon.


There are 4 tabs to choose
  1. Featured
  2. Equipment
  3. Items
  4. Boosts (coming soon)

With the types of equipment and items, you could use your own GOLD. Also, you could pay to get more Gold or Crystal.

Future Features

The developer of the game is now working to add multiplayer, CO-OP, and PvP.

In my spare time, I did play with this great Facebook RPG game. You play it too :)
Visit here: ChronoBlade: Facebook Game

Image via Chronoblade Facebook

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