07 August 2013

HOW TO: Change Text Capitalization in Word

This is quite simple or might already know to most Windows user especially to those who exposed in Microsoft Word. To change uppercase/lowercase of a text or paragraph there are ways for that. However, I had this slight problem with the Capitalization – when I wanted to change text to small caps – and it failed.

And I thought what was wrong with the Word? I tried many times just to achieve what I want but still a failure. Search for a solution, I googled it and it seemed that the solutions were quite valid and correct. 

So for this reason, I made like this post to solve another similar problem that I have encountered.
Introduction: Microsoft Word – Powerful tool
One of the reasons I choose to use Microsoft Word is it has been there quite doing great. It minimizes the burden for every editor

Microsoft Word, for me, is a MUST at least for a Windows user. Microsoft Word is a great editing powerful tool with great features like: ( I shall list what I like most)

· Spell and Grammar Check
· Text Formatting
· Preview Document (5 types: Print Layout, Full Screen Reading, Web Layout, Outline, & Draft)
· Paste Special
· Word Statistics and other information
· Page Layout (one of the most used features here is the margin, orientation, size, column, etc.)
· Powerful Insert other media types
· Recent Document Feature
· Recovery Options
· But the least, there are lots of features.

Real Story: Problem

Now, go back with the Text Formatting, sometimes, changing one text/paragraphs format to another without having a deal more of time creates more productive than manually typing those. In my case, if I could not get the solution to solve my dilemma in dealing ALL CAPS paragraphs to small caps, I certainly type all those capital characters. Thus, it is obviously not efficient and productive.

How to Change Capitalization of words, sentences, and paragraphs?
There are few ways here:

1. Be sure to select first the word, sentence, or paragraph then click the Home tab then in the Font group, click in the Font tab and then at the settings, you could choose Small Caps and ALL CAPS, for the quick review, it has a preview below it. The problem with this approach is WHAT if you want to capitalize the first character in words? 

Shortcut: Ctrl + D to display Font formatting settings

2. Using the flexible Change Case
Again, highlight first the word, sentence, or paragraph. Choose Home tab then font then click Change Case.

Here, it has few options to choose.

· Sentence case – it will capitalize the FIRST letter only in a sentence leaving all other characters as lowercase
· lowercase – it will obviously set lowercase for those capital characters
· UPPERCASE – from lowercase it will capitalize all letters.
· Capitalize Each Word – this is quite useful in Titles wherein each word will be capital.
· tOGGLE cASE – shift between case views. Or shortcut – press SHIFT+F3 to switch mode.

At most, it will solve most of the problems including mine here. However, there are many instances that whatever you set it will not change at all.

The reason here is not well explained or documented (or I have the hard time searching for the reason) but as per observation when a word, sentence, or paragraph set its original CAPITAL and then to lowercase. The problem rises. (for lowercase to uppercase, there were no problems at all).

Great Solution: Indeed :)

The problem above that a Capitalize word will not change to lowercase, it is because of the text formatting. In order to remove that formatting, it should be cleared first.

How to clear text formatting?
Simply click Clear Formatting Icon in the Font Group in the Home Tab

Hope it will solve the similar problem too. ;) Thank you!

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