18 August 2013

CCleaner: Best and FREE Cleaning Tool [Review]

Did you know that in due time, your computer will be filled with useless, unused, temporary, and redundant files? Erasing these files manually are quite difficult to achieve. Moreover, your HDD becomes low disk space and tends to display slow performance.

I know it is really obvious that you have noticed and experienced great slowdown with your Desktop / Laptop / Netbook. One of the reasons why it became slower is because of the cluttered files filled in the disk

So, how to improve performance? How to remove cluttered files? This post is quite useful for you.
Yet My Painful Experience
I came a point where my disk space on C: became at least 400MB and it turns out that I have a problem with other applications I used especially Adobe Photoshop(which used 2GB disk space serves as RAM). 

So, how did I solve this dilemma ?
  • One thing to gain disk space is to uninstall unused applications.
  • Transfer files(documents, videos, mp3s, etc.) to other drives such as D:\
  • And lastly, I used FREE cleaning tool – CCleaner.
Introducing: CCleaner
I have used CCleaner for quite long time, and it never fails me. And the best thing is, it still provides FREE service. CCleaner has two version: Free and Premium.

Since I am using FREE version, I don't find any problem with it.


CCleaner is a FREE (proudly say: the BEST cleaning utility out there) system cleaning tool for Windows and Mac that offers security, protects privacy, improves performance, and removes unused files.

  • Free Software(offers premium too)
  • Easy to Use
  • Small File
  • All-purpose system cleaning tool.
  • Customize settings for optimization
  • 100% Adware free

Cluttered Files

As you can see, you will know what are the cluttered files that could be the reason why your computer became slow.
  • Redundant programs
  • Temporary files
  • File fragments
  • Cache files
  • Useless and Unused files
  • Cookies and History tracks
  • Broken registry files
And these files could be removed and freeing up disk space.

Privacy and Security

Visiting other websites is not 100% secured. To protect you from exploit and issues, CCleaner cleans and remove web tracks for you. And protects your privacy.

Browsers supported by CCleaner to remove and clean files.
  • IE
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Safari
Here, it can remove(with your configuration) temporary files, history, cookies, form history, and password.

Windows System
CCleaner can clean and optimize your system. By cleaning and removing the files in recycle Bin, recent documents, temporary files, and log files.

Registry Cleaner
CCleaner has an advanced feature that could optimize the areas of registry. It can remove broken, unused, and old entries.

Registry Cleaner
Registry Cleaner

CCleaner offers great way to customize what you wish only to remove files. Sometimes, I don't want to delete browsing history and caches with my Google Chrome(for faster web experience). Thus, I unchecked Chrome in the Application tab menu.
Application menu - ccleaner
Application menu - ccleaner

Other tools

CCleaner does not only comes with the removing history, registry errors, and other unused files. But it has a great other tools too.

  • CCleaner has a feature to uninstall software. This is quite useful if you want to uninstall unused applications
  • Startup enabled softwares slows turning-on and rebooting with the system. This might be frustrating issue. Here, you can enable and disable not-so-important applications on startup.
File Finder
  • CCleaner has a great feature to find and search duplicate files with matching keys and filters. Useful if you have duplicate files with Mp3s, movies, and documents.
System Restore
  • CCleaners could display information about system restore point. And good thing, it could erase that restoration and earn disk space.
Drive Wiper
  • Did you know that even if it is formatted and the files are deleted, still it can retrieved by the use of recovering softwares. CCleaner has this great way to secure your files(sensitive information) and delete according to some of the standards in deleting files.

CCleaner is a MUST have program in every computer. It will optimizes the system, protects data, erases unused files, and secures privacy. If you want your system to run faster, then install and use CCleaner!

If you want to use it,

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