12 August 2013

Apple Unveils New Iphone and Mac OS X on Sept.10, says AllthingsD

Does Apple offers cheap new version of iPhone? Is it packed with new and innovative features? In an AllthingsD's post, it stated that Apple will launch its new iPhone, probably be called Iphone 5S. This new iPhone will  run on its iOS 7(announced in the Apple's Developer Conference last June). Apple will announce also its Lower-Cost New iPhone case-made by Polycarbonate instead of Aluminum.

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Image via appadvice.com
Apple will launch its new low-cost iPhone on September 10, 2013, according to reports.

Moreover, the reports say, Apple's new iPhone has centered of its Camera and Processor enhancements. Does Apple wanted to make similar with the Nokia Lumia series? What are the new features of this so-called iPhone 5S? With the acquiring of fingerprint security company – Authentec – for $356,000,000.00, it has been long expected to put packed with the Fingerprint sensor.

In software addition, the new features also added with redesigning of icons and menus, with improved notifications, and photo-organizing features.

Lastly, in the AllthingsD post, probably later on Sept.10 event,  it is also expected that Apple will formally launch its new version of Mac OS X Mavericks.

To summarize:

Apple's New iPhone(perhaps called iPhone 5S) has key features:

  • Encased with Polycarbonate instead of Aluminum
  • Enhanced Camera and Processor hardware
  • Fingerprint Sensor Security-System
  • Photo-Organizing capabilities
  • New Icons and Menus
Source: AllthingsD & Mashable
Image credits to AppDevice

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