04 August 2013

Introducing Android Device Manager: Anti-Theft Technology System

In an official Android post, it was unveiled the new feature – Android Device Manager – which provide a great help and security tool to find/locate misplaced Android devices by ringing the lost phones, by protecting & erasing data when necessary, and by locating android phone in real time with the map.

Android Device Manager is a new anti-theft technology system that will roll out soon later in this month. Its primarily purpose is to secure the user.
Image via officialandroid blog
For lost phones
In case you lost and forgot where you place it, this feature is quite useful. To locate it, Android Device Manager let the phone ring at the maximum volume even it is in the silent mode. Not only that, you can look for it in a map in real time.

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In short, for lost phone, Android Device Manager will:
  • Ring the phone at maximum volume
  • Locate in Map in a real time
For Stolen Phones
LOW Security is common in some areas especially on the third world countries. The expensive goods and living statuses might be the reasons why there are many thieves out there. Though, it is part of the lives. Just accept the fact that there are existing.

In case for a stolen phones(or totally lost and recovered by some people), Android Device Manager could protect the data. If the phone is not recovered with locating in a map, Android Device Manager will securely erase ALL data in that devices.

Android Device Manager service/app will be available later on this month running Android 2.2+. If it is roll-out already, before using it,, you need to signed up with Google Account.


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