31 August 2013

8th Google Adsense + 4th Clixsense Payout

As of the second quarter of this year 2013, my blogs are bit performing well. With sweat and effort to create posts, I shouldn't come up with this good results. Also, I learn a lot about styles and few techniques in writing, blogging, online marketing, and researching. Not to mention, it paid me with small amount for hardwork and patience.

Thus, with these fruits of hard work and effort, I, thankfully, got another blessings. Truly and definitely, pay me!

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ClixSense + AdSense
ClixSense + AdSense
Well, I am really pursuing my friends and readers to try these course. While ClixSense and AdSense are different system but they have in common – to earn money.

Let us have a quick review:

ClixSense is a paid-to-click (PTC) website that offers and gives both advertisers to receive mass amount of traffic and users to receive money from viewing ads(advertisers display). You don't need blog or website here, you need to login and click available ads to view. And this is my 4th cashout with ClixSense. Not bad. Not bad.

Email Message Paypal
Email Message Paypal

Transaction Details in Paypal
Transaction Details in Paypal

ClixSense in Paypal Status

To learn more about how to earn money with clixSense. Visit: Earn Money with ClixSense

Google AdSense
Google AdSense is a great and easy way to earn money from content(videos, blogs, images) by displaying relevant and engaging ads in a blog or website.

Right now, I am earning a total of $800.00+ (well, actually I earned it from 2011 -_- ). And this is my yet 8th cash out with Google AdSense!

8th Cashout

So how to earn money with Google AdSense?

You need to own a blog or website that could add Google AdSense codes. But before getting an account with Google AdSense(which is VERY STRICT), you need to pre-equip with the following main criteria.
  • More traffic and visitors
  • Unique and Quality Contents
To learn more about getting Google AdSense account: Tips to Approve Getting Google AdSense Account

Well, I would really like to thank ClixSense and Adsense for having this opportunity to learn and earn.
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