06 August 2013

[Monetize] Earn Money: 3rd Cashout With Adf.ly + ClixSense

I may not earn higher than any blogger out there, the thing is, I did enjoy what I actually doing. Sounds pretty late but I just want to include it anyway.

Not so-much to celebrate, I did cashout for the 3rd time with Adf.ly and Clixsense. I did say not-to-celebrate because I only got smaller revenue. I know some people will get at least $100/week or higher.

Nothing to hope or to improve with this but the important thing is to share with you the great opportunity here.
Oh Yes, I earned my 3rd payout with Adfly and Clixsense. And its pretty amazing to note that, I did not expect for the little blessings.

If you want to read my 2nd cashouts, you can check it out my articles:

My Actual details with Adfly
 Now, lets get to the business. To make it simpler, if you want to earn too. You can sign up for free:

Clixsense 3rd Cashout Request
 For a slight review with the websites:

  • Adf.ly simply makes your URL/link shorten and you will get revenue out of it. Visit: Earn Money With Adf.ly
  • Clixsense is clicking-ads type service. You will click ads and earn money of it. Not only that, you can play ClixGrid, Work for the Offer, Visit Forum, and Invite Friends. Visit: How To Earn Money With Clixsense

Clixsense 3rd Cashout detail
The blessings I received simply an evidence for hard work and determination. I have planted hard work on this blog, and thus reap blessing. I thank God for this blessing, for my keen and avid visitors – thanks too. For the laziness inside me, well, thank you myself.. :)

Anyway, hope I share some good stuffs here. ;)

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