17 July 2013

HOW TO: Enable Spell Check on Microsoft Word [Solved]

By default, when you type a word, sentence and paragraph even it has a wrong spelling and grammar, still it does not display red curved-underline.

So how to enable the spell check and to display error-underline as you type?
Microsoft Office packed with powerful feature including spell and grammar check. Though spelling and grammar checking it is not 100% accurate but it has the ability to learn. You can add some spelling words in the Word's database.

To be simple and straighforward, setting up to enable spell check is very easy.

HOW TO: Enable Spell Check on Microsoft Word

1. Open your Microsoft Word (I used version 2007 here)
2. Click the Office logo found at the top-left of the interface.
3. Find Word Options, it shows below the pop-up window.
Microsoft Word Proofing Setting

4. In Word Options configuration, in the left pane, choose Proofing.
5. Here, you must check the following:
  • Check Spelling as you type
  • Use contextual spelling
  • Mark grammar errors as you type
  • Check grammar with spelling
In writing style:

If you want grammar only to check, choose grammar only. But for quite valid reason, I would suggest set it to Grammar and Style.

Additional details: (uncheck the following)
  • Hide spelling errors in the document only
  • Hide grammar errors in the document only
Image Microsoft Word's Screenshots

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