15 July 2013

[Review] EasyJobPay: Is it Scam Or Real? Find Out Here!

As few people would claim an easy money, do you believe with them? Does it really give easy money? Does it offer way to be rich quick?Believe me, I would rather say; there's no such thing as easy money. Perhaps, if they will engage in illegal activities. Maybe. In relation to work, is there any job that generates easy money? The answer is: No!

It so happens I stumbled across with my spam message in my email. I checked one-by-one if it has few useful links to visit. Here, I find quite alluring. Easy Job Pay!

Now, it is not my first time to see just link. Some people  sent me and invitation of their affiliate link but I failed to visit it. I can't open the site. Probably, they block my range of  IP addresses.

EasyJobPay offers easy work and easy money. The name simply implies, a mere person will eventually grab this not-so-unique opportunity. Who knows? In fact, some people would agree and debate to claim that it is just FREE and there's no hard and bad in trying. But I say, before joining and engaging such websites. They must study the website. It's track record. It's product. It's service.

For now, I will give and share with these facts that might be able to help users in deciding whether to join or not. I am being skeptical with this kind of business model.

What is EasyJobpay?
As with to their website, EasyJobPay claimed to the simple and quick job and easy earning money. Of course, people will easily get attractive with these statements.

EasyJobPay also offers monthly scheduled payments! Users will get cash from 26th to 30th every month. It has the affiliate link to that earned a mere member for an amount of $2.00! Not bad huh?

How to earn with EasyJobPay?
Since they were saying easy job and easy money. The first thing you will do if you are registered is to promote your affiliate link (of course, spam your friends) to your friends and other people in your wall, blog/website or even emailed them.

Each signup will get you $1 and $1 per new referral. So it will make you $2 with a single signup. Promote Below affiliate link to your friends and other users, through Facebook, blogs, messages etc.

Here's my task:
Invite friends by your affiliate link to get 1$ per invitation, required 20 invitations to get withdraw.
Well, I  want to start spamming my friends now. But wait, I will not ever do that. Why?

How much will it Cash out?
To cash out, it needs to have a minimum of $20 to payout. In short, you need 10 people to join with your link. Probably, the easiest job ever? 

Now, interested to register? Wait. Read below on why it is not preferably worth with your time.

Top Reasons Why It is Not Worth Your Time
These are reasons that could conclude me that EasyJobPay is not worth, it is Fraud and it is inconsistent.

1. Registration
Most of the websites I reviewed don't really have the security feature. EasyJobPay is simple and straightforward with its registration. It lacks security method such as captcha, confirmation link, and other feature.

If you register, you will notice that the terms and condition were already checked. And it does even have terms and conditions to read, though.

2. Testimonials were Fake

They have put big company names too:
  • BMW
  • Coca-Cola
  • Southwest.com
“Not only EasyjobPay enables me to earn money, but also a great part time source for me to earn ten time greater than my ordinary job, i am working hard and referring my all friends from social sites face book, twitter, Google Plus. It make my work more easier and efficient. Now i am making blog posts and spreading the Easyjobpay work all over the internet to make my income more and more higher! it touches the Sky!”Joshia Frauhmin is the head of deployment at breadcrumb by Session electronics Philippines.
Joshia Frauhmin works at Session Electronics Philippines. I searched with the name and company name. But I didn't found single information. Joshia Frauhmin Session Electronics does not really exist!

They also used Lauren Murray to their testimonial. It is so fake. A manager with a great company involves with EasyJobPay? Oh, come on!

I noticed also that it mentioned the Philippines, now, I doubted with this owner. It seemed that it came from our country, Philippines. As with someone who commented on my review post about myreferjob, he/she said that the owner was a caucasian white male with Filipino friends.

3. Whois: Easyjobpay
Creation date: 12 Jul 2013 07:31:00 
Expiration date: 12 Jul 2014 07:31:00

This site has been created last July 12, 2013, with WHOIS protection guard. This is indeed a new site! Not ideal to invest time here.

4. No forum
With the easy-money scheme, they must be able to provide a Forum feature that will let users engage with the fellow member on how it works, if it really real or not, if it gives money etc.

The advantage of having a forum is credibility, reliability and trust. The forum will give full trust to members. In fact, Clixsense - PTC site that gives users little amount money with just clicking ads.

5. Payment

Payment options are the Western Union and The Standard Bank of Canada. In their website, it displays bank of Canada cheque instead of the logo of  The Standard Bank of Canada.

6. Funny Statements

Trusted by the world’s leading earner & professionals
EasyjobPay helps professionals & earners - large & small - collect better, more useful data across all channels with engaging, interactive, smart & powerful source of earning money by doing simple tasks.
Trusted? I am a professional and I just don't trust EasyJobPay!

We are innovating in the market of online marketplace and working from years in this filed, and now we open our online branch for users worldwide, we are accepting limited peoples, so be quick and start your online earning career.
Working for years? But you just created it last July 12, 2013. How's that? And you just accept limited people? How about unlimited people? :) Lastly, you give useful data ? How come? You just give spam link!

It is easy as 1,2,3 and Simpler as a,b,c. So who ever will not try!, We have limited vacancies. make your account today and have a pleasant earning with us. After creating your personal account with us.
It really rhymes with children's rhyme. Let us sing: 1 2 3 , A B C! Indeed it is really easy. It is really easy to be a spam too. You spammer!

7. There is no Support and Faqs

I explored the sites and I can't visit it. Probably because I just used a proxy? Why am I not able to visit without using a proxy? Why EasyJobPay? Why you won't let me explore the pages?


EasyJobPay is such a waste of time! It is a SCAM and FRAUD! And it does not make sense. Don't engage and join with this site. It will just spam your email address!


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