15 July 2013

Google Featured Dutch Painter Rembrandt van Rijn With 407th Birthday Anniversary [07/15/2013]

Google loves to feature great people on their homepage. Added to that, I am very pleased to think that Google gives me such wonderful facts and trivia which help me know more great people in the history. Today, July 15 2013, Google Doodle featuring Rembrandth van Rihn with his 407th birthday.By the way, who is Rembrandth van Rijn?

To tell you honestly, this is my first time to see his name. Yes, he claimed to be the one of the greatest dutch painter and etcher in the history in European art history. Well, it is mere expected not to know him because I am from Asia and I don't have some knowledge about art thingy.
Google Doodle adds featured-poster design etched with dark chocolate color theme with a man himself. It is one of the self-portraits he made in 1659 with Beret and Turned up Collar.

Google Doodle: Rembrandt van Rijn
Who is Rembrandth ban Rijn?

His full name was Rembrandth Harmenszoon van Rijn. Widely recognised as one of the greatest Dutch Painter and Etcher of European art history.

He was born July 15 1606(that's why Google Doodle celebrated with his 407th anniversary). He was the 8th of 9th children of Harmen Gerritszoon van Rijn and Neelthe van Suijttbroeck.

His contribution came to a great period of wealth and cultural achievement which was called Dutch Golden Age.

At his young age, he successfully achieved as a portrait painter. And from the year 1626 to 1660, Rembrandt already produced Etching painting.

His most notable works are in Amsterdams Rijkmuseum includes

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