13 July 2013

PunchTab Adds Delightful Loyalty Program, Giveaways and Badges

PunchTab: Get Users. Keep Users. Reward Users. If you are looking for a great traffic and user engagement. Try Punchtab!

Recently, I have been stumbled useful websites that could help my websites get user engagement. I found this quite very useful website, PunchTab, which offers incentive for both publishers and users.

PunchTab is a website offers and gives rewards, badges and loyalty program. Its a one of the ways to keep users in a website.

Adding PunchTab into websites is very simple to install.

There are 3 main features that PunchTab provides

  • Loyalty Program

How it Works?

Both publishers and users are mutually benefited with the service. Putting PunchTab widgets in the website will take only 5 minutes to run. Users could start earning points by Retweet, Like, and +1. 

Depending on the prizes, users could save points until he/she decide to redeem those points. 

This is one way to boost traffic and user engagement in a blog or websites!

  • Giveaways
How it Works?

Simply sign up and it has a giveaway wizard to help you setup your own giveaways. Simple set, config and run giveaways to blog/website and Facebook page. With this, it will build user awareness, boost and drive traffic and increase marketing great opportunities.

With PunchTab’s free Giveaways, it will be you to decide how long your giveaway runs, how users sign up, and how they earn entries. Add up to 9 ways users can enter and reward them for sharing your giveaway on their social networks.

I have seen PunchTab in great website like MakeUseof.

  • Badges
Its a great way to let users take action by unlocking new badges

How it Works?

To install it, simply sign up and choose badges where it will appear on the site.
When a readers visit, tweet, like, comment or +1, they will earn points and unlock next badges.


PunchTab really helps me in giving user engagement and drive more traffic in my website. With the incentives given, a mere user could visit the next day to earn more points.

Actually, I have redeem worth $5 USD Starbucks Card Egift. Now on the progress to use it here in Starbucks,

Next post: First Redeem With PunchTab - Starbucks Card eGift $5


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