20 July 2013

PhotoScape: Free, Fast, & Fun Way To Edit Photos

Looking for a FUN and Easy way to edit, enhance and fix images? There are lots of photo editing software available and be found online. One of the best photo editing applications is the Adobe PhotoShop. Though PhotoShop offers great editing tools and features, you will be shocked by its price. Generally, it is very expensive! Interestingly, PhotoShop mostly used in commercials and is primarily used with Manual editing.

However, if you just want to edit photos as simple as A, B, C. And it is 100% free. Try PhotoScape.
With my designs, I primarily Adobe PhotoShop to edit photos. Indeed, I like to explore complicated software. Since I am used to PhotoShop, I did not take chance to look another software to add delightful experience when designing. However, with PhotoScape, it makes my life easier. Packed with cool features, I don't need to use PhotoShop to fulfill my desires.

What is PhotoScape?

PhotoShop is indeed a very expensive software. If you don't have a budget for it. You might need some illegal apps to provide you one but for legitimate and free. PhotoScape is very useful photo editing software.

PhotoScape is a 100% free, a fun way and a fast-easy photo editing software that provides great tools and features to fix, edit, enhance, & improve images.

You don't need bucks to pay money with PhotoScape.

PhotoScape Key Features 

Editor Menu - PhotoScape
Editor menu
In the left pane, you will see file explorer and below with it is the image file previews. In the status bar below, you will see Folder Favorites, Refresh(F5), windows explorer, previous photo and next photo.

In the right pane, you will the working area and settings. It also displays filename, photo size, file size, zooming tools(+,-) and exit info.

There are 4 tabs

1. Home

home tab - photoscape
  • Frames - round, margin frame line, frame collections.
  • Color adjustment - sepia, grayscale, black and white threshold, and invert(negative).
There are few settings here
color adjustment - photoscape
  • Resize - reduce, adjust and rotate settings.
  • Transform - mirror, flip, rotate arbitrary,and rotate 90 degrees CCW & CW.
  • Auto - Level, Contrast
  • Sharpen mode
  • Filtering mode
Filtering mode- photoscape
  • Blooming
  • Backlighning
  • Save and Menu Button
Menu button - Photoscape

2. Object
object tab - photoscape
Add texts, icons, shapes, speeches, photos, symbols

3. Crop
Crop tab - photoscape
Sometimes, you need to delete unnecessary part of the images. So you need to crop it. And there are few options to choose with crop settings.

4. Tools

Tools tab - photoscape
Editing images has been easier with these tools. 
You can find useful tools here such as Red Eye correction, mole removal, mosaic, paint brush, clone stamp, effect brush, screen scroll and color picker.

Batch Editor menu
batch editor - photoscape
For multiple photos processing, batch editor is an useful feature. You could edit more photos with filtering mode and object addition(like texts). Apply settings with vertical photo size and round & margin .

Page menu
Page menu - photoscape
For collage lovers, this is feat one. Amazingly create multiple photos to create one cool image. There are lots of options to choose. It also has settings such as frame, background color, filter, size, and frame.

Combine menu
combine menu - photoscape
It has the same process with Page, but here you could attach more photos to make one photo either vertically or horizontally.

Animated GIFs menu

Animated GIF menu - photoscape
Sometimes, animated pictures convey great detailed meaning. It adds delightful viewing experience. Though, it is annoying sometimes still it has an useful application.

Here, animated gif menu has configurations like background color, size, effect, time, alignment etc.

Print menu
Print menu - photoscape
If you want to print photos in a passport, wallet or pocket size, this is a very great feature. It is loaded with photo sizes and settings. In addition, I have seen Photo Studios used photoscape in their printing size and businesses.

Splitter menu

Splitter menu - photoscape
If you want to slice photos in many pieces, splitter feature could help you. With this menu, you can split photo in several pieces. My question is: why? Perhaps for puzzle? Nevermind -_-

Screen Capture menu

screen capture - photoscape

PhotoScape not only offers for editing and enhancing, it also adds screen capture feature. Though, I used other screen capture software, for starters, it is a great help. :)

Color Picker menu

color picker- photoscape

While it has on the previous menu, color picker has independent menu too. Color picker will pick a color(rgb value, html).

Raw Converter menu

Raw converter  - photoscape

One of the benefits of PhotoScape is it could read RAW files and convert it to image file type(JPEG). Generally, camera could set to raw file type and could produce raw viewable image. Only that camera brand could read its raw files.
raw file types
Rename menu
Rename menu - photoscape
Renaming multiple photos has never been easier with this kind feature. If you need to change file names that could have consecutive names. This will help you achieve and no need to take time.

Paper Print menu
Print Print menu - photoscape
PhotoScape offers paper print with calendar, song, and grid paper printable.It could be useful one. :)

Viewer menu
viewer menu
PhotoScape has an option to view folder photos and make a slideshow out of it.

Download Photoscape

PhotoScape: Free Photo Editing Software


For quite valid reasons, I find PhotoScape useful under circumstances. It really adds the FREE type of software. PhotoScape indeed capture my attention with editing easier with photos. If you happen to edit and enhance more of your photos. I would suggest to use PhotoScape. :)

Images PhotoScape screenshots

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