02 July 2013

Mozilla Unveils Firefox OS

Mozilla announced its newest Firefox OS alternative to Google Android OS. This month, Mozilla will be working with the leading mobile manufacturers and wireless operators to broadcast its Firefox OS globally. This is quite intriguing and exciting. But the question, does Firefox OS will be on the race track against the topped-smartphones OS like iOS, BlackBerry 10, Windows 8, and Android?

Well, we have to wait for the availability of the Firefox OS.
Firefox OS | Image Screen Mozilla
What is Firefox OS?

Firefox OS  is a new Operating System for smartphones created by Mozilla that based on open, innovation and its a great opportunity for the built-in Firefox browser. The purpose of having Firefox OS is to give people access more places and more ways than actually people does before.

According to Mashable post, Mozilla will have its first two smartphones powered by its Firefox OS namely: ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire.

ZTE Open
Alcatel One Touch Fire

If you would ask me, Firefox OS mostly has similarities with Android. Though, its premature to say this kind of statement. We will just stay tuned for the great news and information about Firefox OS.

Firefox OS

Introducing Firefox OS

More about Firefox OS: Firefox OS

Image Screenshot Mozilla
Source: http://www.mozilla.org/ | mashable: Firefox OS phones

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