11 July 2013

Mouseover Popup Image Viewer Script

Tired of constant viewing images that need to visit it first to display the whole image?  For quick viewing photos, this script could really help a lot and saves time too! No need to visit image in a new window/tab. It's really hassle-free and enjoy browsing seamless experience!

What makes it more useful? See more here.

Introducing Mouseover Popup Image Viewer is a pretty useful userscript made by kuehlschrank that gives the user a quick view when it hovers image. Mouseovering an image displays popup original image size.

mouseover popup image viewer script

How to install Mouseover Popup Image Viewer?

For Google Chrome

1. You must install Tampermonkey first.

  • Go to Chrome's Webstore and install Tampermonkey
  • Navigate to the Script's page that you want to install.
  • Click on the green install button.
  • Follow Tampermonkey's instructions.
In your Extension(chrome://extensions/), check enable Tampermoney.

2. Click http://userscripts.org/scripts/source/109262.user.js to trigger tamper monkey and it displays popup script installation panel.

3. Now, click on the Tampermonkey extension button
3. In the Tampermonkey, choose Mouseover Popup Image Viewer and choose to enable.

4. Enjoy! However, if you want to add some spices, you can set it too.
Change settings monkey toolbar icon -> "User Script Commands" -> "Setup..."
mouseover popup image viewer setup
mouseover popup image viewer setup extension

Mouseover Popup Image Viewer setting
mouseover popup image viewer
mouseover popup image viewer setting

For Mozilla Firefox 

1. You must install Greasemonkey first. To install, click this link Greasemonkey.
2. Install Greasemonkey (requires to restart Firefox browser)
3. Click http://userscripts.org/scripts/source/109262.user.js, it will popup Greasemonkey panel.
4. Choose Install
5. Enjoy!

For Opera

1. You need to install Violentmonkey first: click Violentmonkey to install.
2. Click Add to Opera...
3. Now, visit here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/source/109262.user.js to install the Mouseover Popup Image Viewer Script.
4. Enjoy!

Mouseover Popup Image Viewer mouse and key press.

  • Mouseover a thumbnail - displays popup original image
  • Unhovering a thumbnail/press any key - closes popup original image
  • Press shift key/right-click while popup is visible - activate zoom mode
  • Hold down shift key - ignore mouse event
  • Press shift + ESC key while the pop-up is visible - Turn it off until reload. Note: In Chrome, pressing shift+key will open a chrome's task manager
  • Pressing T key while popup is visible - open image in a new tab
Works with these following websites:

Bold ones are the least favorite websites
  • 500px
  • abload
  •  amazon
  • cweb-pix
  •  depic
  •  deviantart
  •  ebay
  •  facebook
  • fastpic
  •  fbcdn
  • firepic
  •  flickr
  •  hotimg
  • imagearn
  • imagebam
  • imageban
  • imagebunk
  • imagefap
  • imagepix
  • imagepremium
  • imageshack
  • imageshimage
  •  imageshost
  • imageteam,
  •  imagetwist
  •  imageupper
  •  imagevenue
  •  imagewaste
  •  imagezilla
  • imdb
  • imgbox 
  • imgchili
  •  imgmoney
  •  imgnova
  •  imgproof
  •  imgrill,
  •  imgtheif
  • imgur
  • instagram
  • itmages
  • hostingkartinok
  •  last.fm
  •  lazygirls
  •  ld-host
  •  listal
  •  lostpic
  • memegenerator
  • minus
  • miragepics
  • modelmayhe
  •  panoramio
  • photobucket
  • pic4all
  • piccy
  •  picszone
  • picturescream,
  • picsee
  • picshd
  • pimpandhost
  • pixhost
  • pixhub
  • pixroute
  •  posteram
  •  postimage
  • quickmeme
  • r70
  • radikal 
  • rupix
  • screenlist
  • sharenxs
  • skrinshot
  • stooorage
  • swagirl
  • swoopic
  •  turboimagehost
  • twitpic
  • twitter
  • wikipedia
Is this script safe to use?
While most of the scripts are not guaranteed for the purpose of usage, this script is safe. It has no hidden code that might expose and exploit sensitive information.

Source: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/109262 (Does not exist)


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