26 July 2013

[Monetize] Proof That Blogging Really Pays Off

Who needs extra money? Of course, I would say, most of us. While some of business establishments promise us a high earning revenue for a cheap investment. Do you really need to fall in trap because it shows large money income? Come to think of it. I learned that: You should invest right and wise.

Their Business Model; My Blogging Model

They were indeed very successful in that business model but I nothing's changed particularly. Yet Blogging has given me the great opportunity to learn and earn little extra money. Despite of these blessings, I realized that I am very happy instead when someone asked for the help and I answered them back with solution. It was fulfilling than seeing my earnings.  (I checked my earnings every minute).
More HardWork; Potential High Earnings

I was being a skeptical one(or I just learned the hard way). Does earning money gives you a pay back with high revenue? I doubt. While some of your friends introduced and shared with you with their great opportunity. You should not easily fall with these schemes(unless otherwise you know its system and business model). Probably, at some point and little interest, you are shy to say NO. Perhaps, the fact that they were your friends.

Tip: Make a study about their opportunity, business, and product.

my GA earning as of July 24, 2013
7th Google Adsense Payout

I have been devoted and keen to share these few useful tips for my fellow readers and friends about blogging. Well, for now this is my 7th cash out with Google Adsense. Phew..Thanks..(Google Adsense minimum payout is $100 so to sum up I already got $700+).

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Google Adsense had given me a chance to enjoy life(Life sometimes is really unfair but I have this mind: IT GOES ON). It gives me the unique opportunity to improve my living. Also it improves my abilities and skills.

In my endeavor and journey with earning money, I realized that sharing with other readership and engagement made me happier than seeing my earnings per day.

Actually, my earnings were improving. This is the great chance to share more tips on how I achieve like this.

For some of you who want to earn money, you can check my categorized posts: Earning money online.

Here, I would like to thank again and again with Google. Thank you! (While I posted this, I was not quite sure about my feeling, not-so-inspired with writings... sigh *-_-*

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