01 July 2013

GoUnli: Unli Calls + Allnet Texts and Unlimited Facebook With Globe Telecom

Country's leader of Mobile Promos, Globe Telecomnever fails me to amaze with its cool promos and latest gadgets they offer. Just recently, i tried to subscribe its GoUnli which gave me a great experience with my Globe Prepaid smartphone.

GoUNLI is a Globe Prepaid promo that gives unlimited texts to ALL networks, unlimited calls to GLOBE & TM Subscribers and Unlimited Surfing with Facebook.

GoUNLI: Unli Calls, AllNet Texts & Unlimited Facebook

This is quite a better trio-combo promo that Globe may offer. Its all-one-packed promo which ideally gives to subscribers a great experience.

How to Avail the GoUnli Promo?

GoUNLI gives you the following:
  1. Unlimited ALL NETWORK texts
  2. Unlimited Calls to Globe/TM Subscribers
  3. Unlimited Facebook usage
To register the promo, simply choose the following denominations.

For 1 day for P30
  • type UNLI30 or GOUNLI30 send to 8888
For 3 days for P80
  • type UNLI80 or GOUNLI80 send to 8888
For 7 days for P180
  • type UNLI180 or GOUNLI180 send to 8888
For 30 days for P750
  • type UNLI1750 or GOUNLI750 send to 8888
You can also use to register for FREE via *143# under choose your promo.

Note: If you are active with call, text and Facebook, i would really suggest to choose UNLI750 to save money.

Imagine this: For 1 day it will cost P30, if you multiply it to 3 days, how much will it costs? With simply calculation, it yields to P90. And you can save P10, instead of subscribing to UNLI80 right?

Again, what if for 7 days? P30 times 7 days equals to P210, and saves you to a total of 30 pesos.

In 30 days? You do the math.. :) so ideally, 30 days is more convenient if and only if you are addicted with unli calls, texts and Facebook.

Take note also that GoUNLI is exclusive only to Globe Prepaid Subscribers.

Additional Information about GOUNLI
  • GOUNLI is available nationwide! If you are outside the country, then it is not possible.
  • With Unlimited calls, you dont need any prefix number... Just dial normal TM/Globe numbers.
  • To fully enjoy the promo service, please maintain at least P1.
  • You can always check GOUNLI Status... just text GOUNLI STATUS and send to 8888.
  • By some unknown force that you will decide to stop the promo, you can stop it by: GOUNLI STOP and send to 8888.
Image via Globe Telecom | Source: Globe Telecom

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