05 July 2013

Globe Telecom Unveiled To First Use of Outdoor Distributed Antenna System (ODAS)

With a few reasons that affect mobile signal, the telecommunication companies continue to further study to come up yet a single solution to low signals, interference and other outside barriers. Rather than getting furious to telecom companies, it is more important to note that there are many factors to considered.

One of factors might affect is the illegal repeaters.

Globe Telecom unveiled the first telecom company to use of the state-of-the-art-technology, Outdoor Distributed Antenna System (ODAS).

Globe Telecom is the only telecommunications service provider in the country to utilize outdoor distributed antenna system (ODAS) solution, which provides stronger mobile phone signals minus the towering cell sites. Photos above are actual ODAS deployed in an exclusive subdivision in Metro Manila.

Tower cell sites is not really enough, that is why Globe Telecom implemented ODAS as the best alternative to make stronger mobile phone signal.

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Globe Telecom deploys ODAS that gives unparalleled telecommunication service in strategic areas for subscribers. 

What is Outdoor Distributed Antenna System (ODAS) ?

ODAS is a state-of-the-art-technology that implements with the use of specialized lamp posts built with its radio signal transmission feature. It is however the next best alternative to towering cell sites. With that, according to Emmanuel Estrada of Globe Head of Network Technologies Strategy, ODAS technology will bring more coverage to strategic areas with the implementation of the lamp posts along sidewalk. This process will also put radio signal closer to the subscribers.

Proudly, Estrada stressed out Globe Telecom as the first Philippine Telco service provider to use ODAS solution.

In addition, ODAS is implemented with a dedicated system that uses fiber-optic cables to base station's signals to multiple low power antenna systems which installed in nominal locations inside residential areas.

ODAS supports all frequency bands like LTE (long-term evolution) technology which provides more stronger mobile data service.

It is also important to note that ODAS are more reliable service than towering cell sites.

Moreover, ODAS does not only improve mobile phone signals but to enhance efficient lightning system.

Additionally, ODAS equipment is not considered to be harmful and is classified to be non-ionizing device that could harm people. Cell Sites and ODAS have been given a radiation safety to DoH (Department of Health) to ensure safe to health.

Lastly, Estrada stressed out that broadcast transmitters are at least 1000 times higher than cell sites and at least 10,000 times higher than ODAS antenna.

To add few healthy certification, World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded that no further evidence to link to exposure with radio signals to cell sites or wireless networks.

Image via Globe Telecom with Full access
Source: Globe Telecom PR

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