03 July 2013

Facebook Group Created Doc Worm

Have you ever wondered lately in your Facebook group? Have you noticed someone's created a doc and it turned out to be a worm? Actually, i have experienced it, there were many people made to annoy to the group page by creating a certain doc with a video image on it. To be simple, it is a worm!

Of course, it will not flood in the group if it has no user intervention. Moreover, with the doc: image video's unique title you can really catch and attract attention to view it.
I called it Facebook Group Doc Worm because user without its knowledge successfully created a doc with a malicious code with it.

Here's actual preview of that said video or doc in the Facebook group.

I noticed quite different titles in the Group:
  • O.M.G.+drunk+partygirl+gal+doing+this+at+the+Bar+
  • WTF+goodlooking+schoolgirl+girl+doing+this+at+forest+
  • OMGdrunk+tender+teenager+makes+this+at+forest+
  • WTF+sexy+little+teenager+doing+this+at+forest+
  • LOL+hot+youngish+gal+made+this+at+the+Party+
  • HAHA+drunk+Childlike+girl+done+this+at+the+Bar+
  • Damn+drunken+tender+lady+friend+have+done+this+in+the+Woods+
Seems pretty attracting right?

I know, There's a lot of these titles generated.

About the Worm Video

This video image posted by a certain app like Facebook Messenger for Windows that made it more look trusted but it is really not. How can a Facebook Messenger created a doc? 

Anyway, Facebook could add a file in a group and it becomes a doc. But wait? Why? Does Facebook has its conditional flags to set just for documents?

Okay, if you click on it, you will be directed here:
Thankfully, my nod32 blocked it and flagged it as a dangerous!

Security is not really 100% Secured

In fact, security is not really 100% secured and Facebook keeps on updating its system to fight its security flaws. However, it is the sole responsibility of the user not to click on such file or app that promises to see who visit your profile. Any websites has its own flaws, even great and security firms have also its flaws.

Yes, there are lots of talented hackers out there just to play their knowledge of hacking and security flaws to a websites.

Some apps are too annoying example such was the Jackie Chan Dead Headline which makes more users to click and watch for it.

Word of Advice

Even though a created video or file has an attracted title or design, please do the responsibility NOT to engage or click it.

Okay, as an admin in a Facebook Group i had this hard time cleaning with those annoying files. -_-

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