22 July 2013

HOW TO: Update Drivers & Improve Performance With Driver Booster

Do you still have outdated drivers in your system? What are the benefits of installing latest drivers? How to update drivers?

Drivers sometimes cause slow system performance when it is not updated. Moreover, drivers latest versions could be difficult to find. You need to know the model of your devices example your videocard, you have to check its model and then search on internet with its new updated driver. Thus, it takes more time to update drivers.
Note: This is applicable on Windows Operating System (OS)
Driver Booster
Driver Booster
Why do we need to update our drivers?

Technically, you NEED to have latest drivers installed. Every PC or Laptop sometimes need to have a maintenance to ensure it will not affects and slows down the performance.

Outdated drivers could create more system crashes. Well..it is not good having such errors.

There are two methods to update

Option 1 (Use of Device Manager)

Manually update drivers. Of course, it is quite complex.

1. Right Click My Computer
2. Then click Properties
3. In the left pane, choose Device Manager

The problem here is that you don't know what device you will update. Hence, you need to update all.

Option 2 (Driver Booster)

Driver Booster is the newest application of Iobit(makers of Smart Defrag and Game Booster) that provides free in updating drivers with its one-click system. The good thing about it, it is a FREEWARE. (Maybe in future I pretty sure it will become Freemium).

What does Driver Booster exactly do?
With just one-click, you could update your drivers. No hassle. No complicated procedure to follow.

Driver Booster automatically scans drivers. If it found outdated one, it suggest to click update. Then it will download and install. In addition, Driver Booster primarily designed to enhance gaming experience.

Download Driver Booster: Free Driver Booster


Having an updated drivers will ensure your system to do optimal performance which leads to great experience.


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