22 July 2013

Devant TV: Attracts and Reclaim Strong Family Relationship

Few years ago, most families gather together in the living room. This room considered to be the center of  family activities. Oh yes, it is indeed one of the favorites spot among family members. In addition, it caters special occasions too. 

But with the advent of the new technology, this so-called Living Room eventually became vacant most of the time. This is because of the handed gadgets to some members. These members of the family tend to spend more time in their own room with the use of their laptop or smartphone. In fact, I am no longer updated with the TV shows because I am sitting here browsing and playing with my PC while, good thing, most of my family members really have that bond to stay and to watch TV together. (I am guilty of this sigh)

Devant TV's mission is to get back such wonderful memories to a family that gathers together in one place. Could Devant TV beats these gadgets?

With  a popular quote says "There's no place like home". Yes, the comforts and memories shared really found at home. Home indeed a place to live and indulge moments and quality time with family. While gadgets perform way to split far among members. Devant TV offers great TV appliance to reclaim the strong bond relationship that families opt to fade.

DEVANT TV designed to be born with style and function. It has sleek modern design that would enhanced home entertainment experience. It could be Devant TV serves as catalyst to attract and bring back family members in the once-favorited room -- Living Room.

DEVANT TV equipped with cutting-edge technology plus cool and innovative features. The qualities yet produces full and rich audio and video output.

Having movie marathon ideally creates main attraction among family members.

DEVANT TV supports game console. And it will surely turn living room to a game hub(similar to arcades). The members need not to go in malls now.

DEVANT TV packed with its DEVANT SMART 3D INTERNET TV that gives family members to explore and use social media sites. Thus, to simply explain, it is TV with INTERNET.

Images credit to Devant TV with FULL ACCESS Press Release
Source: Devant TV PR


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