13 July 2013

Clixsense: My Boring Task Yet Pays 2nd Cashout

From the very start, I really don't like clicking ads. I know its not a bad idea. In fact, I do earned a little with this kind of business model. Probably, I get used to it. Well...

Is anyone there give you such $6 nowadays? I guess no one.
Just recently I requested and received my 2nd payment with an amount of $6.20 from Clixsense. Yes, you read it right. No one will give $6 but with keen dedication to click ads I managed to cashout.

clixsense 2nd payout
Clixsense 2nd Payout
Today, I received payment details concerned with my Clixsense. Ohh.. I was bit amazed with the progress I am dealing with clicking ads. In my first Clixsense cashout  dated last June 22, 2013. I tried to be one of the premium users, guess what? In 3 weeks, I already earned $6.20. This is pretty nice information.
clixsense request
clixsense request
 If you are interested to join Clixsense, you could visit here: How to Earn Money With Clixsense
Paypal Transaction  details with Clixsense
Paypal Transaction  details with Clixsense

This is not intended to boast but rather serve as inspiration that no matter how boring with clicking ads is. Still, it has proven that keen hard work pays off.


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