28 July 2013

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt: Hands On Review

Finally, after so much hard work with my blog, I purchased my first ever tablet from Cherry Mobile specifically with Fusion family –– Fusion Bolt. And while it may sound awkward to put a review when in fact it was officially available last March 2013. 
Brief Introductory

My purpose for this post is primary to archive my gadget's information. And to share a review about the device to average users. This is not intended for those people who technologically exposed. (should I say, Geeks, Techy, and such).
Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt
I posted initial information about Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt here: Cherry Mobile: Fusion Bolt - Specs, 
Price, & Availability. Which I sorted out some common and most important specs about Fusion Bolt.

Actual Physical  Package
Here, I will put a technical and hands-on review about this HD tablet.

First of all, if you found this post through search...thank you for dropping by.
Secondly, I was optimistic about my review even though there were lots of sites reviewed Fusion Bolt. This is to improve my writing skills more particularly the use of technical terms.
Lastly, this is my yet 1st ever hands-on review about a certain gadget. Please bear with me!
One of the things I always kept in mind is the freebies. Buying Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt has NO freebies because it packaged its charger and USB-TOB wire.

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt - box

Purchase Package

Since it is my first purchase, I loved to see the black box package with its specs information in it. What you will get are Charger (separate), the Item(Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt), and the USB-OTG wire(which I got a little problem where I could not find it quickly – fortunately it can be consulted in a box stick next to the gadget. It seemed that girl entertained me had not mentioned where to look for it.


Charger Box


Physical Superb(In my opinion), it has a rough texture box that makes feel more comfortable to handle. (compared to Ipad/Galaxy Note/iPhone - I was bit afraid to tweak because of its sleek slide design).

It has two colors available: White and Black. I choose white because it more looks professionally than black. Also, it may disguise as Apple Product.

Screen: 7-inch HD IPS Full View Display, 1280×800 resolution with 216ppi. And 5-point capacitive touch screen with buttons.

The rear-facing camera can be found top-left at the back in landscape mode.

The left side of the gadget had buttons.
  • Home key - lets you get back to the home screen
  • vol+ / vol- adjust volume power
  • on/off - on and off the gadget.
left side
In the right side, it has ports and card slot.
  • Mic port
  • MicroSD card slot
  • USB port - supports USB 2.0 technology
  • HDMI port - play and display it to TV
  • Headset - 3.5mm audio jack
  • Charger - input 110-240V / output: 5V - 2A. It has small opening(compared to other that  has a flat design)
Right Side

Camera: Photography

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt has two camera options:
  • Rear facing (2MP)
  • VGA front racing - used for video chat like Skype, WeChat, and Tango.
Technically, it is not primarily for photography. Sorry for the #selfie mode pictures. In fact, it is awkward to take selfie photos in a tablet. (It also support 360 degrees mode shots).

Sample shots:
 It has blurry images.


Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt runs on Android Jelly Bean 4.1. Powered with ATM7029 ARM Cortex A9 1.0GHz quad-core. As for ordinary people, this is quite good regarding speed.


It says, it has 8GB internal storage( but it only had 5GB free, yes I know – some apps were installed). Expandable microSD up to 32GB.

Tip: Whenever you opened some applications and failed to close it. Just use ES Task Manager( Built in the app).


This tablet has 7in size and generally drains faster because of its usage and size. It builds with 3.7V, 4000mAH Lithium battery. Though I used it for viewing movies. Still excellent in performance.


Supports WIFI standards(802.11 b/g/n and external 3G wireless card. Bad news: It does not support Bluetooth technology.

Supported System

There is no CD for its driver. It automatically detected and ready to operate such copy, paste, and access files. Supported OS is Window XP, 2000, Vista, & Win7.


Since it is a Chinese-brand, expect for their language. Supports English and Multi-languages.


A tough response is smooth, and there is no delay. Unless you open more applications. I tried to play Fruit Ninja and 2Fuse and oh yes! It's cool and wonderful.

It also has built-in useful apps like MX player(plays mostly all video file format). It has no old file manager, here, it has ES File Explorer which ideally better than built-in explorer.

If you buy with general flip cover, I have a slight problem with the back button when pressed or tapped.

Price & Availability

Suggested Retail price of P3,999.

Specifications review: Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt Specs


Should you buy with this kind of tablet? Ideally, for a quite affordable one, I choose this Fusion Bolt. It is relatively fast and quality-wise with leading tablet-makers.

Note: I only used this tablet for my gaming experience, viewing movies, and browsing the net.


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